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Reference order for the media center


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Reference order for the media center

  1. 1. Reference Order for the Media Center WRHS, Fall 2011TITLE AUTHOR PUBLISHER YEA FORMAT COST NOTE R SThe Electronic Follett electronic $500.00 7Field Trip Series 2011 Historica - l Field 2012 TripsWorld Book World 2012 encyclopedia $899.00 22Encyclopedia Book / book VolumesBiographical World 2011 book $26o.00 7Connections Book VolumesThe World Book World 2011 book $89.00 2Dictionary Book VolumesMerriam-Webster Merriam 2011 book $36.00 Order 2Library Bound -Webster (x2) copiesEnglish-SpanishDictionaryMerriam-Webster Merriam 2011 book $36.00 Order 2Library Bound -Webster (x2) copiesEnglish-FrenchDictionaryThe World World 2012 book $34.95(x2 Order 2Almanac Book of Almanac ) copiesFacts 2012The World World 2012 game $26.95 1 GameAlmanac 2012 AlmanacTrivia GameGuinness World Guinness 2012 book $25.00 Order 2Records 2011 World copies Records501 French Verbs Barron 1996 book + $14.99 Order 2 CDRom (x2) copies501 Spanish Verbs Barron 1996 book + $14.99 Order 2 CDRom (x2) copiesReplogleIntelliglo Replogle globe – $119.99 Includesbe Globes interactive digital (updates pen & online) batteries
  2. 2. Sorry, Wrong Evans, Rod Pedigree 2010 book $12.00 Order 2Answer: Trivia L., Ph.D Trade (x2) copiesQuestions ThatEven Know-It-AllsGet WrongAn Uncommon Patrick, National 2009 book $28.00History of Bethanne, GeograpCommon Things Thompson, hic John &Pestroski, HenryThe New York The New St. 2010 book $24.99Times Presents York Times Martin’sSmarter by PressSunday: 52Weekends ofEssentialKnowledge for theCurious MindMaphead Jennings, Scribner 2010 book $15.00 Author- Ken Jeopardy Winner & longest winning streakFlying by the Seat Oliver, Pedigree 2011 book $13.95of Your Pants: Harry TradeSurprising Originsof EverydayExpressionsDo Penguins Have Feldman, Harper 2004 book $12.95Knees? An DavidImponderablesBookTrivial Pursuit Hasbro Hasbro 2010 game $39.95Master EditionQuiz Hub License Schmidel, Quiz 2011 software $300.00 School Dyann Hub wide license