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Non X Funding - the story so far


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Overview of where we have got to - by Dave Dixon.

Non-Exchequer Funding Research Outcomes and Next Steps Workshop - held in Birmingham - 28th March 2012

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Non X Funding - the story so far

  1. 1. Non X Funding - the storyso farBirimingham March 28
  2. 2. The Background drivers:Reduced Funding - Defra and Local AuthoritiesA paradigm shift from public to private deliveryRegulation and incentives out of favour - Markets forEcosystem services the future?Adapt or die? / Revolution or evolution?
  3. 3. NAAONB NX FundingWorkshops 2010 -2012 have: Held a mirror up to AONB responses across the UK Adaptation plans Belt tightening Efficiency savings New Sources of Non Exchequer funds
  4. 4. Explored so far: Selling products ( leaflets, walks, books to expertise) Friends Groups Lessons from Landscape Partnerships /HLF The Charitable Trust route Community Foundations as mechanism for holding funds for AONB project delivery Community Interest Companies
  5. 5. NX funding into AONBsSource: 2MD Report Dec 2011 with data from 26 AONBs
  6. 6. A Broader View?Focus to date has been on sharing AONB experienceand practice in response to reducing budgets,To-day we look to broaden our perspective - What canwe learn from how others access NX from national tolocal?
  7. 7. To-day:Presentation of NAAONB Research funded by Defralooking at national/local models for funding in relatedworlds: Rivers and Canal Trust, Royal Society for WildlifeTrusts, Groundwork, Community Foundations (CFs)Looking again at Social Enterprises and CFs asmechanisms for delivering AONB objectives,Looking at where we are nationally (NAAONB M&A) andcritically where we want to be in the future to ensure weare best placed to secure the necessary NX support!!
  8. 8. What sort of funding vehicle(s)do we need?