Conference 2012 - Jean Spencer Anglian Water


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Jean Spencer, Head of Regulation at Anglian Water delivered a presentation at the NAAONB Conference 2012.

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  • Newbourne Tetney Pitstone hill
  • Did you know that size doesn’t matter, diversity does Our work with the British Trust for Ornithology has shown that it is not the size of the site that matters it is the variety of habitats that limits the biodiversity – add habitats to increase biodiversity Central Labs are thinning and coppicing trees in their grounds. This improves biodiversity and is allowing more sunlight into the building thus reducing the need to use lights. They are also creating areas for insects and birds, putting up bird feeders and installing nest boxes.
  • Conference 2012 - Jean Spencer Anglian Water

    1. 1. Jean Spencer Anglian Water
    2. 2. Biodiversity – our natural partnerJean Spencer Director of Regulation
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Our landscape • Lincolnshire Wolds • Norfolk Coast • Suffolk Coast and Heaths • Dedham Vale • The Chilterns4
    5. 5. Biodiversity at Anglian Water Key elements • Prot ed sit ect es • Oper t lsit aiona es • Empl enga oyee gement • Cust enga omer gement • Species proj s ect • Pat ships rner5
    6. 6. Tetney is on the road to recovery “The effortand financialr esour t ces hat Angl W er has ian at been pr ed t epar o committ t o his nat l import ionaly ant sit have been e significant.” Nat al ur Engl and6
    7. 7. BAP partnerships Develop flagship species projects with partners • Ospreya w t v e – LR T nd aer ol W • PoolFrog – NEa A C nd R • Pl ntife Int naiona – t Brecks a l er t l he • Night l -BT ingaes O7
    8. 8. Nightingales – only in east anglia? • A stronghold in our region • Attracted to our sites • Affected by climate change8
    9. 9. Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project • Since 2006 over 41km of chalk stream is in HLS • The project has restored over 10km, installed gravel riffles & cattle drinks • Given over 40 walks & talks • AONB, Natural England, EA, Wildlife Trust9
    10. 10. Biodiversity benefitting business • Pr it t 10 w t a w st aersit on size & ior ised op 0 aer nd a ew t es biodiv sit pot ia/ er y ent lproximit y • Prov ba ine sur eys a dev op aha a ide sel v nd el bit t daa se t ba • Reduces r ofprosecut a rew k forprot ed isk ion nd or ect species • Link t empl v unt ingscheme, reduces cost o oyee ol eer , improv under a es st nding, increa per ldev opment se sona el &mor lae10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. Our partners, our customers, our champions12
    13. 13. Integrated catchment management Pilot catchment area River Wissey in Norfolk Future of water stewardship? What next in 2015-2020?13
    14. 14. Three things to think about? • Interdependency - none of us can do this on our own, how can we work together more effectively? • Connections – do we truly value water, where does your water come from? • Flexibility – is our legislative landscape able to adapt to change?14