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4.11.2010 identifying funding opportunities presentation


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4.11.2010 identifying funding opportunities presentation

  1. 1. A systematic approach toidentifying funding opportunities for AONB’s Simon Lees & Fiona Hesselden 2nd November 2010
  2. 2. Introduction• Where are we now?• Private sector/not-for-profit income: myths and realities• What are the opportunities and challenges for AONB’s?
  3. 3. Where are we now? Macro operating environment  • Comprehensive • Devolving services spending review• Disconnect between • Biodiversity & climate rhetoric and reality.. change • Funding opportunities away from grants
  4. 4. Where are we now?Macro operating environment
  5. 5. Where are we now? AONB Funding Sources ~ snapshot from annual reviews Partnership Income 2.4% Cash generation and accounting…78.8% Miscellaneous 5.8% Lottery European Union Trusts and Foundations Other Partners 5.8% Statutory Agencies Private Sector 3.3% Landfill 1.3% 1.2% 1.0% 0.4% 0.2%
  6. 6. Where are we now?Partnership Income £12,125,734Natural England/CCW £7,415,433Local Authorities £3,183,493Defra (SDF) £1,526,808 Other Partners £180,324Cash generation and accounting… £371,627 National Parks £5,046Misc income £141,651 Forestry Commission £17,800Host Authority/in kind/reserves £229,976 Environment Agency £116,600Miscellaneous £885,630 English Heritage £30,078External Funding ~ unspecified £885,630 National Trust £10,800Lottery £886,037 Statutory Agencies £161,417HLF £886,037 Regional Development Agency £144,046European Union £503,392 Business Link/Sponsorship £13,371European Union ~ INTERREG £338,950 Arts Council £4,000LEADER + £164,442 Private Sector £55,313Trusts and Foundations £192,903 Unspecified business £6,483Esmee Fairburn £66,000 Natural Tourism £5,000CDENT £25,151 United Utilities £6,900Tubney £36,170 Northumbrian Water £10,000Duchy of Cornwall £7,000 Harbour Authorities £26,930Cumbria Adventure Capital £20,000 Landfill £30,844Waterloo Foundation £5,000 Various operators £20,844Petroleum Exploration Society £4,500 ALSF £10,000Hanson £2,000 Total £15,393,221YDMT £6,332Charitable bodies (unspecified) £15,750Millichope Foundation £5,000
  7. 7. Where are we now?What your ratios look like… Northumberlnd Howardian Suffolk Blackdowns East Devon Arnside Solway Bowland Norfolk Nidderdale Dedham Shropshire Cannock Wye Malverns Cornwall Cranborne Quantocks Mendips S Devon Lincolnshire N Devon Cotswolds Chilterns Surrey Tamar Wessex IoW Chichester Kent Downs High Weald Dorset N Pennines Partnership 95 or > 90 80 75 66 50 <50 External 5 or < 10 20 25 33 50 >50What is realistic and sustainable?…
  8. 8. Where are we now?• An (over) reliance on NE/LA funding• Identified need to diversify income base
  9. 9. Where are we now?• An (over) reliance on NE/LA funding• Identified need to diversify income base National Grid Environmental Education Centre Network £ 1,600,000 £ 1,600,000 £ 1,400,000 £ 1,400,000 £ 1,200,000 £ 1,200,000 External funding External funding £ 1,000,000 £ 1,000,000 Chargeable Activity and Chargeable Activity and £ 800,000 partners partners £ 800,000 Site Maintenance Site Maintenance £ 600,000 £ 600,000 National Grid National Grid £ 400,000 £ 400,000 £ 200,000 £ 200,000 £0 £0 2005/06 2005/06 2006/07 2006/07 2007/08 2007/08 2008/09 2008/09 2009/10 2009/10
  10. 10. Private sector/not-for-profit income: myths and realitiesWhere’s the loot?Potential funding sources:• Companies• Trusts and Foundations• Private individuals• Major donors• Community fundraising• Legacies
  11. 11. Private sector/not-for-profit income: myths and realitiesSize of the Marketplace: private giving Giving Type Amount £bn Individuals 8.9 Trusts and Foundations 3.3 Legacies 1.6 Companies 1.1 Total Giving 14.9Charity Trends 2007
  12. 12. Private sector/not-for-profit income: myths and realitiesMyth:The corporate sector isthe major source of funding for not for profitOrganisations.....
  13. 13. Private sector/not-for-profit income: myths and realitiesReality: But... a health warningTrusts and Foundations Top 300 grant makers inare set up with the the UK give approx 3% ofexpress aim of giving funds to conservation andfunds away - £1.9bn of it the environment – around £54million/annumThey provide a key target tohelp diversify AONB income You’re not flavour of the month.....
  14. 14. Opportunities and ChallengesOpportunities:• The only way is UP!• Existing skills – eg HLF
  15. 15. Opportunities and Challenges Unattractive AttractiveOpportunities: Influencing & Representation Woods for Wildlife egCAP3,4 Partnership working FAP5 traditional Field Banks High FWAP1&3 Woodland Priority Planning Management;• Revisit DAP1,2,3,4,5,6,7 &8 (Planning) History on the Heath management Evidence base EAP 7 Monitoring and research HAP1 Protect archaeological and Historic features plan to identify CEAP4 Acid flushes baseline survey HAP 4 Assess parkland and associated heritage trees priorities and Education and Information SDF CAP1 Community Projects EAP 1,2 &3 potential Inclusion and Diversity ARRAP6 &7 Access project implementation with URG’s packages Assessments & identification WAP1 Common plan Reactive: (if opportunities arise) CAP2 Local Produce Low CAP5 Local Shop agreement Priority Access FWAP 2 Woodland Products ARAP3,4 &5 Access Planning CAP6 delivering parish plans
  16. 16. Opportunities and ChallengesOpportunities: Trusts and Comments Foundations Wildlife for History on Inclusion &• Who in the Woods the Heath Diversity fundraising Arcadia Trust √ Environmental programme universe ‘fits’? looking at biodiversity.• Who do you CHK Charities √ √? Gives to Registered know who Ltd Charities only. Would need to knows them? be part of a wider AONB family bid.• Build De Haan Focuses on relationships (Peter) projects that combat and and map out Charitable Trust √? √? mitigate climate approaches Ernest Cook change. Possible link Trust √ with woodland products.
  17. 17. Opportunities and Challenges RSPB donor list:Challenges: • H B Allen Charitable Trust• Competition • A J H Ashby Will Trust • The Baxters Foundation- RSPB • BBC Wildlife Fund- WWF • Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund- Wildlife Trusts • Lost Species Fund- BTCV • Cambridge Conservation Initiative- National Trust • Care-for-Nature Trust- Natural England.... • The Charities Advisory Trust (Good Gifts) • City Bridge Trust • Peter Cruddas Foundation....
  18. 18. Opportunities and ChallengesChallenges:• Managing approaches across the AONB movement• Competition
  19. 19. Opportunities and ChallengesChallenges:• Charitable status• Competition• Managing approaches
  20. 20. Opportunities and ChallengesChallenges:• Lack of dedicated fundraising resource• Competition• Managing approaches• Charitable status
  21. 21. Opportunities and ChallengesChallenges:• How you present yourselves – branding, online info, key messages• Competition• Managing approaches• Charitable status• Dedicated fundraising resources
  22. 22. SummaryThe Three C’s:• Collaboration & partnership working• Charitable status• Co-ordination And...• Beware Corporate!
  23. 23. If you’re interested in this particular sandwich…We’re available to help!• 01423 330 929•
  24. 24. Thank You