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1.12.2011 tamar valley trust vehicles and friends groups


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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1.12.2011 tamar valley trust vehicles and friends groups

  1. 1. TextUsing Trust Vehicles & Friends Groups to Enhance AONB Delivery to Enhance AONB Delivery An Update - Tim Selman Tamar Valley AONB
  2. 2. Progress• Asset transfers• Site management• Funding development• Management structure• Relationship with the AONB
  3. 3. Evolution• AONB projects and procurement• Underpinning Trust core costs• Friends Group• Community supported forestry
  4. 4. Reinvention• Visitor payback• Payback products• Ticket levys• Payroll giving• Gift Aid
  5. 5. Private partnerships and sponsorship
  6. 6. Philanthropy• Locality based• Levels - Small and large• Legacies
  7. 7. New AONB business models• Landscape economy• Venture capital• Endowments• Community shares and loans• Community business partnerships
  8. 8. Three points to take away• It is a hard sell to get people to essentially give to a local authority for a statutory service they already pay for through taxes - there must be added values linked to the place and landscape asset• The core funding needs for AONBs will suppress their freedom and ability to provide project funding. So new models are needed in the next three years?• Trusts can help BUT geographical scale and identity is important.