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1.12.2011 surrey hills working with community foundations


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1.12.2011 surrey hills working with community foundations

  1. 1. EMERGING AONB MODEL Surrey Hills Defra, NAAONB, Surrey Hills Board Partnership SEEPL ETC Public Policy Advisory Forum and Strategy to Board Trademark licence Trademark Surrey Hills licence Grants Surrey Hills Society Trust Fund Community Grant giving Advertising Surrey Hills % contribution in newsletter Enterprises - Leisure / tourism - Food drink - Woodland, arts, - crafts etc
  2. 2. Advisory Panel:• Surrey Hills Board Surrey Hills Trust Fund• Com. Foundation (Community Foundation• Potential Donors for Surrey) •  Grants •  Fund management (Endowment and Through Flow Funds) •  PR and MarketingWhat it does:• Support AONB Unit activities• Grant awards for landscape, Income:• Awareness and educationWebsite • Donations • Licence fees • Grants • Events (eg Surrey Hills Challenge)
  3. 3. Working with Community FoundationBenefits:•  Established body and network•  Retain AONB control of on grant decisions (Management Plan alignment)•  Legally independent (transparency in development related donations)Issues:•  Needed convincing that AONB Unit is beneficiary•  Negotiate management fee for handling grants (proposed 10%)•  Could we replicate CF Model nationally?
  4. 4. North Pennines:School grantsPublications fundOpportunities:WoodlandVisitor paybackOne off donations and legaciesHLF catalyst fund to match endowments!!Suffolk Coast Connect:Influencing business, payback£1 for every Connect breakfastChilterns – Chalk & Trees generate £4k pa – use outside agencyLooking at banner links (fee for every purchase)Chilterns Countryside Festival - £9230 profit with NT and CB