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1.12.2011 north pennines trust vehicules and friends groups


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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1.12.2011 north pennines trust vehicules and friends groups

  1. 1. Using Trust Vehicles & FriendsGroups to Enhance AONB Delivery Friends of The North Pennines Jon Charlton
  2. 2. Progress in year 1 • Firm commitment from board members (now 8 members) • Nearly 100 individual members and 4 local groups recruited • Business plan in place • Publications fund established with three NPAP publications secured • Member events • Schools logo competition and branding • E - newsletter
  3. 3. Events and activities • Schools’ design competition • Member only walks and talks • Founders’ reception
  4. 4. Business planning• Members’ suggestions (groups and indivduals)• Realistic and deliverable targets• Opportunities • Woodland • Visitor Payback • One off donations /legacies
  5. 5. Contribution towards AONB Delivery • Capturing our clients as stakeholders for the first time • Higher profile with new audiences • Medium term income generation • Ability to access new sources of funding and to channel existing funds • Not the immediate solution • AONB Partnership is already tapping into other funding sources
  6. 6. Three things we would recommend1. Establish a realistic timetable with achievable goals3. Be choosey about offers of help and project ideas and keep it sociable5. Retain sufficient flexibility to be opportunistic
  7. 7. Thank you, Any questions?