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  1. 1. By: MEHMS FLEX Student
  2. 2. Departure ReturnFlight 2306 Flight 739Baltimore (BWI) to Lisbon (LIS) toPhiladelphia (PHL) Philadelphia (PHL)02:35pm - 17Jul, Wed 10:45am - 30Jul, Tue03:14pm - 17Jul, Wed 01:40pm - 30Jul, TueClass: Coach 39min Class: Coach 7hr 55minConnecting flight wait Connecting flight waittime 5 hours 16 minutes time 9 hours 20 minutesFlight 738 Philadelphia Flight 738(PHL) Philadelphia (PHL) toto Lisbon (LIS) Lisbon (LIS) 08:30pm -08:30pm - 17Jul, Wed 17Jul, Wed 08:40am -08:40am - 18Jul, Thu 18Jul, ThuClass: Coach 7hr 10min Class: Coach 7hr 10min Total Plane Cost: $5351.20 NO BAGGAGE FEE
  3. 3. Total amount for 14 nights US$ 3,008.69Staying in family room (2 adults + 2 or 3 children)BREAKFAST INCLUDEDThis room type includes: - 2 interconnecting rooms - 2 separate bathrooms - Satellite TV with childrens channels - Buffet breakfast for the entire family
  4. 4. Time What will we do?8:30am Arrive in Lisbon, Portugal10:00am Take Taxi to hotel ($13)10:30am Arrive at Corinthia Hotel, Lisbon & Check in11:00am Have hotel breakfast (included)12:00pm Get on tram ($7.24)12:15pm Ancient Art Museum($0)2:30pm Get back on tram to Hotel ($7.24)2:45pm Eat lunch at hotel ($32)3:00pm Go to Hotel Pool ($0)5:00pm Go back to the hotel room and get ready for dinner7:30pm Go out to eat at Cantinho Lusitano- walking($52)9:00pm Get back to hotel and go to sleep 
  5. 5. Time What will we do?8:00am Wake up and get ready for breakfast9:00am Eat hotel breakfast($0)10:30am Get on Subway ($2)11:00am Switch to Tram 28 ($25.92)11:30am Take Tram to St. George’s castle12:00pm Take tour of castle ($19.44)2:00pm Get back on Tram 28 ($25.92)3:00pm Get on Subway to Hotel ($2)3:30pm Arrive at Hotel3:35pm Get snacks from vending ($10)4:00pm Walk around to shops5:00pm Take Showers and get ready for dinner6:00pm Eat Dinner at Hotel ($30)7:30pm Watch a movie in Hotel Room ($3)9:00pm Go to sleep 
  6. 6. Time What will we do?9:00am Wake up and get ready for breakfast10:00am Go down and eat hotel breakfast11:00am Take subway to Lisbon Aquarium ($4)12:00pm Arrive at aquarium ($62.24)1:30pm Eat lunch at aquarium ($19)3:00pm Take subway back to Hotel ($4)4:00 pm Get settled and get ready for pool4:30pm Swim in Hotel pool6:00pm Get ready for dinner7:00pm Go out to eat at Os Tibetanos (walking) ($41.40)9:00pm Get back to the hotel and go to sleep 