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On first impressions and attractiveness the importance of ‘good hair’

The luxurious and contemporary salon environment of Circles of Subiaco is designed for comfort, convenience, and relaxation. Whether you plan to visit our salon for a new hairstyle or a Keratin treatment, you’ll enjoy the ultimate pampering experience in our purposefully built space.

Sustaining a Fun and Friendly Ambiance
Circles of Subiaco maintains a fun and friendly atmosphere where you can relax, feel pampered, and look and feel beautiful. Our professional creative stylists will match your dream haircut to the latest hair trend, with their extensive range of hair cutting, styling and colouring techniques. Our hairstylists and makeup artists are not only committed to superior standards, but also to excellent customer care.

Whether you’re planning to get the latest hairstyle trend or simply in need of a trim, Circles of Subiaco offers warm creative stylists who listen to your preferences and deliver the perfect cut, colour, and finish. As one of the most trusted hair salons in Perth, we start all appointments with an in-depth consultation so we can create the most suitable look for your hair type or the occasion you’re attending to.

Keeping Up with the Latest Hairstyles and Makeup Techniques
All our highly qualified hairstylists and makeup artists participate in professional training programs to stay current with the latest hairstyles and makeup techniques. Our creative stylists are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve their professional standards and ensure that the services are equal to those you would find in any high-end hair salon in Perth.

With many years of experience in the local area, we pride ourselves with our ongoing commitment to offer expert services, tailored advice, and personalised solutions that provide our clients with life-changing results so they will look and feel their very best. Browse our site to learn more about our services.

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On first impressions and attractiveness the importance of ‘good hair’

  1. 1. On First Impressions and Attractiveness: The Importance of ‘Good Hair’ Circles of Subiaco Shop 3, 513 Hay Street, Subiaco, Western Australia 09388 3110
  2. 2. First impressions count. Psychologists say that it takes just a tenth of a second for people make an impression. Appearance plays a crucial role how people perceive others. While previous studies confirm that the eyes, teeth and smile contribute to the formation of impressions, recent research reveals that hair is also a striking feature people notice on the first meeting. Surveys validate that hair is, without a doubt, a person’s crowning glory as it conveys strong sex appeal and physical attractiveness. The Reign of the Crowning Glory Eighty-nine percent of men reported that good hair is the first thing they notice. The survey revealed the hairstyles considered by many as the “sexiest.” Thirty-eight percent of participants surveyed said they preferred long and straight. Ranking second on the list of sexiest hairstyles for men and women was long and curly, with 33% of men attracted to women with such a hairstyle. Thirteen percent, on the other hand, reportedly said they liked women who had an up- do or a simple ponytail hairstyle.
  3. 3. For women, majority said that the out-of-bed hairstyle is the sexiest. Twenty-eight percent agreed they are attracted to men who sport this kind of hairstyle. On the other hand, some women also agreed that neatly combed hair is also sexy. Twenty-seven percent agreed to this. The Epic Hair Fails Majority of the men identified that greasy hair was the most unattractive for women. Hair that looks unnatural with different dye colours and too much hair products was also a turn off. The half-shaved and sock bun hairstyle trend also earned disapproval from most men. 57% disliked the half-shaved hairstyle, while 29% believed that the sock bun was unattractive.
  4. 4. Greasy hair was also a turn off for most women (56%). Although out-of-bed hairstyle was the sexiest for women, hair that looks too messy was unattractive (14%). Thirteen percent of women also said that hair that is “too perfect” could be a major turn off. The survey further added that almost 75% of men said they would willingly compliment women on their hairstyle. Approximately one-quarter of women reported they expect a compliment on their hair. The simple appearance and condition of hair speaks volumes when it comes to making an impression and expressing physical attractiveness. Studies, thus, confirm that hair indeed is the crowning glory of a person.
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