Arley hall hierarchy power point by lucy andrew


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Arley hall hierarchy power point by lucy andrew

  1. 1. ARLEY HALL HIERARCHY By Lucy Andrew
  2. 2. Events Manager Ashleigh Technical Manager Jordi Lighting Designer Joel Assistant Technical Manager LX Drew FOH Manager Gemma Marketing Manager Jordan Set Designer Matt Assistant Technical Manager Sound Sophie Assistant FOH Lucy/John Assistant Events Manager Paul/JPS Assistant Marketing Manager Anna
  3. 3. EVENTS MANAGER ASHLEIGH GOW As Ashleigh is events manager it is her job to chair all of the planning meetings, this will include setting deadlines and overseeing decision making. As she is the manager of the whole event she will have to liaise with all departments within the events management team as well as liaising with the client. Ashleigh will have overall control of the event’s budget and will organise the department allowances accordingly. She will have to have a contact from the venue to discuss important factors of the event and to also prevent any grey areas within the planning.
  4. 4. ASSISTANT EVENTS MANAGERS PAUL POPE & JORDAN POTSIG-SIMPSON The two assistant events managers will help Ashleigh to ensure the smooth running of the event. In planning meetings it will be their responsibility to take minutes and to make note of all action points discussed within the meeting and their deadlines. They will be in charge of producing all legal documentation such as licences, consent forms and risk assessments that are required for the event to take place. On the night of the event they will make sure that all performers are comfortable and that their needs have been met, they will also assist Ashleigh in liaising with the manager of the venue to check that there are no issues.
  5. 5. TECHNICAL MANAGER JORDI WILLIAMS As the technical manager Jordi will be in charge of all technical matters to do with the event. This will include sourcing equipment we need but do not have, whether we can hire the equipment instead of having to buy it and also trying to find the best price possible as we will be working with a budget. He will perform any maintenance required on the equipment. He will work with the lighting and set designers by checking their concepts are relevant and he will also advise them on what equipment is or can me made available to them. Jordi will also lead the operators and crew by designating them jobs on the day throughout set up.
  6. 6. FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGER GEMMA JOHNSTONE Gemma will be in charge of all aspects of the front of house area from the interval catering to devising a car parking plan. She will lead the front of house team on the night and will be in constant contact with all members until the performance begins via radios. Gemma will oversee any sourcing that takes place including all equipment required and any products for the interval. She will also oversee the running of the raffle including sourcing prizes and devising an effective process for the tickets to be sold. Gemma must make sure that all areas are running smoothly and are efficiently manned by any staff she has brought in for the event.
  7. 7. MARKETING MANAGER JORDAN SIMPSON As marketing manager Jordan will be in charge of all aspects of the advertising process. He will organise a campaign for the event and build up public awareness of the event with the campaign. He must work with his team and lead them on decision making for initial concepts, colour schemes, and final designs. He will be in charge of presenting the marketing teams ideas to the whole events management team in planning meetings, he will have to take on constructive criticism and develop a concept that the whole team agrees with. He will also have to liaise with the marketing manager for Arley Hall to ensure they are also in agreement with the concepts the marketing team devise. He will be in charge of distribution of the posters and flyers as well as raising awareness via the internet.
  8. 8. LIGHTING DESIGNER JOEL MURRAY As lighting designer for the event Joel will have to develop colour schemes and various lighting plans. He will have to work alongside the set designer to see how they wish to stage the performance and whether they have any special requirements for the set or not He will have to work alongside the Technical manager who will guide him with what equipment is available to him and whether or not equipment will be able to be hired for the event. Joel will have to present his ideas to the events management team to ensure it follows the brief and the marketing concepts.
  9. 9. SET DESIGNER MATTHEW ELLIOT As set designer Matt will have to come up with various initial ideas that follow the brief. He will then present these back to the events management team within planning meetings and make any necessary changes. Matt will have to work alongside the lighting designer by telling him of any special requirements for lighting and how he wishes to stage the performance. Matt will have to develop final set designs that work with the space he has been given to work with. He will also have to work alongside the technical manager to inform him of any equipment that will be need transporting to the event and should any pieces of set need sourcing.
  10. 10. ASSISTANT TECHNICAL MANAGERS ANDREW TURNER & SOPHIE BROWN The assistant technical managers will work alongside the technical manager to help with sourcing, developing equipment lists and organising transportation to the venue for all of the equipment needed. They will lead the crew in the set up of the equipment on the day and will act as the operators of sound and lighting for the performance. It is their job that each piece is rehearsed and that the performers are happy with it.
  11. 11. ASSISTANT FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGERS LUCY ANDREW & JOHN MCDERMOTT As assistant front of house managers Lucy (myself) and John will assist Gemma in the organising and running of all of the front of house areas. We will lead the teams of staff that we have brought in with the front of house set up and we will also brief them on their duties throughout the performance. We will assist Gemma in sourcing equipment, refreshments and raffle prizes as well as helping to devise efficient systems for car parking, interval sales and raffle ticket sales.
  12. 12. ASSISTANT MARKETING MANAGER ANNA BROWN As assistant marketing manager it is Anna’s role to deputise the marketing manager. She will help with all design aspects and make note of any feedback given in planning meetings by the events management team. She will ensure that all advertising is reaching an audience and lead the setting up of posters and flyers.