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Taylor f


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Taylor f

  1. 1. Zaihab the amazing farmer By Taylor Fedak
  2. 2. • Once upon a time there was a man named Zaihab who worked hard to keep his crops alive but every year he ended up losing most of his crop after a few years of not having enough crop to eat and crop to sell Zaihab wife died
  3. 3. • Zaihab got fed up and want to go see the kind and queen Rukia and Kasi about getting water to the crops the king and queen told him it was impossible Zaihab want back to his house and brain stormed after days he got an idea to make tunnels from the nearest well
  4. 4. • He want back to the king and queen with his idea they told him they would give him supplies if he built the tunnels Zaihab accepted he spent many days digging holes and outlining the tunnels with rectangle bricks
  5. 5. • When he reached the end of the tunnel he took a couple days to rest when he woke up the one morning and want outside he found his tunnel collapsed he want back to the drawing boards he made a new drawing plan that would not collapsed for the second time he dug his way through the bricks and dirt he spent restless days and nights working on his tunnel he finished his tunnel he want up to the well and opened that gate to let the water to the crops
  6. 6. • Zahaibs crops started growing very fast but Zaihab had more problems than he thought he had wild animals eating his crops Zaihab want back up the king and queens castle to address the problem Zaihab asked his they could send some soldiers to keep the animals away but Rukia and Kasi denied his request because they need the soldiers for more important things Zahaib want back home and once again brain stormed
  7. 7. • After many days Zaihaib thought of something to barricade the wild animals out of the healthy crops Zaihaib ran to the castle to tell the king and queen about his idea the king and queen told Zaihaib that they would supply him with the materials if he built the walls Zaihaib was so excited that he ran all the way home to start on his wall Zaihab worked many restless days when Zaihaib finished he ran all the way to the castle to tell the king and queen the great news Zaihaib was giving a special ceremony for his hard work getting water to the crops and keeping the pest out