Book of Poetry


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A book of poetry compiled as a way to represent both reading and writing poetry.

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Book of Poetry

  1. 1. Book ofPoetry
  2. 2. This is a bio poem. I talked about the stuff IPoems by Karly: like to do and hope to doKarly in the future.Very strong, Very smart, Sexy, Beautiful.Daughter of Karl and Shauna.Friend of Nogg and Clogg.Cousin to Thomas McAllister.Who feels sad when Nogg hates her.Who would change the world so that she could buy Heelies.Who would like to someday see Venice.Who would like to someday become a Pharmacist / Science & Gym Teacher.McKinnonI have a friend;Her name is Dray. This is a poem about a friend of mine namedShe has black hair, Dray.And is friends with Tai.She is real fun,And enjoys the sun.The other day, I went for a run.I went with Erin. I went running with myAfter half an hour, friend Erin one day so I wrote a poem about it.Out came the sun.Erin got burnt,but still had fun.One day,I went for a walk.I heard someone say, I wrote a poem with a a b a b“Lookout for that clock!” rhyming scheme.I watched it sway,Then went on my way,I met a guy named Brock.
  3. 3. Nice to everyone! I wrote an acrostic poem about NathanAmazing at sports. because he is my best friend!Thomas is his best friend, his dad, and his middle name.Hates the emoticon, “:3”.Acts mature, but really isn’t.Never makes Kogg upset! :3Champions of the world, I wrote a poem about Canada because I like being a Canadian.Asset to the world,Not contributing to green house gasses,Alliance with states,Don’t mess with the beaver,Actually bigger than the States.COMICALOVERLY LOUD ConnEr is very loud so I wrote a poem about him.NEVER STOPS TALKINGNONSTOP FUNNINOUSEVERYDAY HE IS LATERIDICILOUSLY LOUD
  4. 4. Other Author’s Poems1 This is a “WhatGreen and speckled legs, Am I” poemHop on logs and lily pads about a frog.Splash in cool water.~By: Author Unknown2In a pouch I grow, Another “What Am I” Poem, butOn a southern continent -- about a kangaroo rather than a frog.Strange creatures I know~By: Author Unknown3I had to write a poem for schoolI wrote one but it was not cool I was having trouble writing andI could not get my lines to rhyme finding poems, and then I found this poem about someone who wasI tried free verse but it was worse having trouble writing a poem and I could relate to it.Searching—I found a poetry siteIn the midst of the starry nightI "borrowed" from an author whoWrites poems plus other prose too
  5. 5. How easy I had searched the siteFinding a verse bout hate and spiteCopied it with a huge wide smileFrown absent though my act was vileOnce finished I fell fast asleepIn spite of having been a creepDreams sailed me high up like a kiteAs if my deed had been all rightIn class I waited for my turnTo read this brilliant poem I burnedOnce done I heard the teacher say"I wrote those stanzas yesterday."I was so shocked—wholly surprisedAt teacher knowing Id plagiarizedYet, I knew not how to be trueYou see—my name is Liar LouWhile cheating led to gauche demiseMy shameful hands covered my eyes~By: R. Renée Bembry