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Bryan Parsons
1 Tamarisk Way, 087-7753998
Dublin 24
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May ’10 – Jul ’10 Amazon Landscape Design, Dublin Assistant (Labourer)
I worked with this Landscaping Company ...
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Cv bryan parsons ucd


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Cv bryan parsons ucd

  1. 1. Page 1 of 2 Bryan Parsons 1 Tamarisk Way, 087-7753998 Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS 2013 University College Dublin Degree in Landscape Architecture 2008 Stratford College, Rathgar, Dublin Leaving Certificate (425 points) 2002 Rathgar National School RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE Sept ’11 – Jun ’12 Davis Landscape Architecture, Walworth, London Assistant in the office During my time with this company I carried out a variety of tasks in the office. They are outlined as follows.  Making and receiving calls  Drawing out sections on computer using Vectorworks Fundamentals 2009  Tweaking plans by correcting and adjusting polylines  Using Sketchup to model some of the projects being undertaken  Doing hand drawings to help with the design process  Assisting in a site survey by taking notes on site  Typing up a Plant Blog  Using Photoshop to create some drawings for the company’s web page  Doing desktop research for a number of projects by gathering photos and information  Using Adobe Indesign to put together project reports OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE Jun ’11 – Aug ’11 Errislannan Manor, Cliften, Co. Galway Gardener This was a summer job at a Horse Riding Leisure facility for tourists. The tasks are as follows.  Digging, weeding and raking plant beds  Edging and laying gravel on paths  Picking Ragwort in the horses fields, as the plant is harmful for them to eat  Painting gates and outhouses  Assisting in putting up fences  Removing stones from the fields  Preparing the horses running track and cleaning the stables
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2 May ’10 – Jul ’10 Amazon Landscape Design, Dublin Assistant (Labourer) I worked with this Landscaping Company for a short time during summer 2010. The work that I did is as follows.  Helped create a Show Garden at Bloom in the park 2010  Sketched out two plans for a garden design in Kildare  Did a series of hand sketches for a small suburban garden in Dublin  Weeding, pruning grass cutting, power washing & general duties Jun ’06 – Aug ‘06 T.D. Quilting Manufacturing Assistant in Curtain Business This place provided summer work for me for summers ’06, ’07 & ’08. The duties’ are outlined as follows.  Cleaning the shop floor  Organising the store room  Checking in deliveries  Taking stock counts  Making the tea and coffees  Packing goods for collection  Using cutting machines & assisting in making the curtains KEY SKILLS  Computer Skills: Experience with Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Excel and Word. Reasonable knowledge of AutoCAD 2012 and Vectorworks 2009.  Languages: My main language is English; I do however have some experience with French, as I have studied it for my final exams. I also did an Erasmus exchange in college and ended up living in France for 4 months.  Other Skills: I enjoy hand sketching. It was a great help in college when it came to drawing up ideas quickly on paper, rather than on computer. I have done a few hand drawings for people outside of college for their gardens and also for a roundabout scheme in Co. Wicklow to show to the local council. I also enjoyed making the architectural models in college during my final year. INTERESTS & ACHIEVEMENTS  Passed Driving Test in May 2009, so I have a full license  Interested in cars, particularly classic cars as a hobby  Enjoy playing snooker, table tennis & basketball  Helping at youth clubs and camps during the summer months  Travelling and exploring new countries