My top 10 favorite diet foods of all time


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My top 10 favorite diet foods of all time

  1. 1. ==== ====Get more info Here ====Being on a diet is NOT the end of the world! Sure, its usually the end of your enjoyment least, for until youve paid for all your PREVIOUS enjoyment of food. Butknow this: it doesnt have to be like that the WHOLE time.Its all in how you LOOK at the foods youre eating...So Ive compiled a list of my top 10 all-time favorite diet foods. Though let me tell you right upfront, these foods have made it onto the list by virtues that may not be immediately obvious (youllsee what I mean in a second).You see, theyre NOT your typical diet foods like rice cakes and chicken breasts...10. Triple CheeseburgersThis is a STAPLE diet food that should be on everyones list. Why? Because you will burn a TONof calories constantly catching that middle burger patty that keeps shooting out the back of the bunfrom all the grease every time you bite into it.And if youre worried about getting too many calories from the sandwich itself, just remove thelettuce and tomato - all that healthy crap does is slow down the fatty meat clawing its way throughyour digestive tract.9. PizzaPizza is the PERFECT diet food, according to the Government Food Pyramid. How so, you ask?Just look at it! First, youve got "grains" making up the bottom of the pizza (just like the bottom ofthe pyramid)...a delicious, thick nutritionless white flour gob. Next up, youve got the dairy group -cheese, of course (lots of great calcium to be found there, which can enhance fat-burning by up to1/25 of a percent)! Youve also got your vegetables (unless you get your pizza with no vegetables,in which case youll have to count pepperoni as a vegetable, which I am FINE with, by the way).Finally, youve got the meat group...right on top.Good eating and a perfect match to the food pyramid, in structure if not intent!8. Cold BeerDo you have any idea how many calories your body burns simply warming up cold beer to bodytemperature in your stomach? No? Good...because ignorance is VERY important for making this
  2. 2. tip work.You see every time you eat or drink a food that is colder than body temperature, your body mustexpend heat warming that food up. A single bottle of cold beer will cause the body to burn almost8,000 calories (give or take) warming it up to body temperature.And believe me, there have been studies that back this up. In fact, the more beer that was"studied," the higher that number went up!This technique works well with soda, too. But not that "diet" garbage - you want to go with theREAL stuff. It has to contain at least 48 grams of high fructose corn syrup per 30 gram serving tomaximize fat burning (that GIANT insulin spike followed by the tremendous crash in blood sugarburns a TON of calories).7. Rice Krispie SquaresEverybody knows Rice Krispies are made up almost entirely of air. So eating Rice Krispie squaresis just like eating air. That thick layer of fudge on the top is just required to keep the squares fromfloating away. Its a totally guilt-free snack. In fact, eat the whole pan and youll actually getLIGHTER because youre eating so much air.6. French FriesIts a FACT that French people have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than Americans.Obviously, this is because they eat more FRENCH Fries. So the trick is to eat more French Fries.Im telling you...ya just cant make this stuff up.5. Pizza AgainIts just that good of a diet food. I mean, how many foods do you know that you can dramaticallychange their calorie content just by how you slice them?Think about it...lets say in a normal large pizza, you cut it into 8 pieces. Thats a LOT of caloriesand you PROBABLY wont lose weight when you eat the whole thing. But cut that same largepizza into FOUR slices? Youve just cut your calories in HALF. So when you eat the whole thing,youre only eating HALF the number of slices. Do the math and youll see.Also, pizza is a round food and everybody knows that round foods have fewer calories thansquare foods - no corners...duh.4. Anything That Has Fallen On The FloorIt automatically loses ALL calorie content. This rule only applies, however, if it happens byACCIDENT. And the dog gets first dibs.3. TwinkiesSince Twinkies cannot technically be considered food (in a nuclear war, they will outlast even
  3. 3. cockroaches), youre welcome to eat as many of these as you want. They are also VERY valuablefor appetite control. Dont believe me? Eat a dozen of these colon-stoppers and see how yourappetite is.2. Chinese FoodIm not talking "American" Chinese food with the almond chicken and ginger beef...Im talkingCHINESE Chinese food. And if youve been to China and have seen the things hanging in theunrefrigerated shop windows, you know EXACTLY what Im talking about and why eating thosethings will help you lose weight FAST...1. "Sports" WaterIn other words, water with that great "sporty" taste of corn syrup, artificial flavor and fresh-squeezed potassium benzoate! In fact, I have to say "kudos" to the corporations who found a wayto create a market out of complete BS!... And then lash out for people having to do (GODFORBID) MORE exercise, to burn off those 60 extra ass-growing calories found in the other guysbottle of stupid sports water. Like just being alive for an extra 45 minutes wont burn THAT off.Cripes.Sorry...bit of a tangent there.CONCLUSION:If, at this point, youre still wondering if this is a SERIOUS article, the answer is "yes." I really, truly,totally believe triple cheeseburgers can be part of a balanced diet...But only if youve got one in each hand.Nick Nilsson has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been innovating newtraining techniques for more than 18 years. Be sure to grab your FREE copy of Nicks 30-day"Dirty Little Secret Program for Building Muscle and Burning Fat FAST," available at Source: ====
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