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Digital Narrative

  1. 1. Critical Moments
  2. 2. What is a Critical Moment?
  3. 3. Critical Moments are recognised when reflecting back on our past. They are events in our life that are considered to be highly consequential and, as a result, are what lead us here.
  4. 4. This presentation features a time line of two people’s critical moments which has led them to university today
  5. 5. Louise
  6. 6. Student Councillor of the leadership team
  7. 7. In my last year of school I was a part of the student leadership team and my committee was the social justice committee. In this committee we raised money, visited the elderly and helped out around the school and local community. For all my work during this year in the committee I received the community award at our awards night for 2008.
  8. 8. School Formal
  9. 9. Graduation
  10. 10. schoolies
  11. 11. Turning 18
  12. 12. Saying Goodbye to Friends
  13. 13. Finding out OP
  14. 14. II achieved the OP I wanted and was accepted into my first preference at Griffith University. I decided upon a bachelor of psychology as I enjoyed helping people at school.
  15. 15. Accepted into Griffith University
  16. 16. Erin
  17. 17. Leaving School I decided after the end of Grade 11 that school wasn’t for me anymore. At the time I chose to leave I thought my motivation was sound. But on reflection I realise it was driven by dissatisfaction and a feeling of going nowhere fast. School was boring for me. I felt like it had nothing left to teach me because it lacked challenge, which I believed I would find by entering the adult world.
  18. 18. After working for over a year I finally followed through on an opportunity to travel overseas to work. Seeing a new culture, country and learning a new language made me want to see more of the world.
  19. 19. After travelling I came home, back to the same friends and peers who were doing the same things as when I left. I realised then that I was in a bad place and decided to make a move away.
  20. 20. An opportunity came up to visit an old acquaintance. So I up and moved country with only a suitcase.
  21. 21. Final relocation After six months living in Cairns my health forced a move out of the far tropical north to the Gold Coast. I had plans to keep going from there via the USA for a round the world working holiday...BUT
  22. 22. Children A girl and a boy, with 5 years between....put a halt on that! Then single... Young, struggling and very little income. I decided this was not for me, I needed to do something more to increase my skills and get a better job.
  23. 23. Further Study I tried TAFE and although it was not the right course for me, it gave me the self belief that I was lacking to take the bigger and better step to further and higher education. I fulfilled the requirements for entry as an adult student by completing a STAT test at Griffith, Gold Coast campus.
  24. 24. Final Destination
  25. 25. Although we have two very different stories we’ve both ended up in the same place.
  26. 26. Credits Louise Griffith University Sign: Soundtrack: Light Surrounding you, Evermore, Light Surrounding you- EP, 2006. Erin: Globe in Hands: j0433132.jpg, Microsoft Clipart Black and Yellow ducks; Suitcase picture png Globe: j0438061.png; Microsoft Clipart Stork and baby: j0438507.jpg, Microsoft Clipart Soundtrack: Yesterday to Tomorrow; Audioslave. Out of Exile, Polydor, 2005. Griffith University Sign: