Salix presentation to LCBPC Preparing for Green Deal


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Salix presentation to LCBPC Preparing for Green Deal

  1. 1. Green Deal – Learning Lessons for 2012 Matt Roberts – Salix Homes
  2. 2. Background to Salix Homes• ALMO (Arms Length Management Company) responsible for 10,500 properties in central Salford• Over a third solid wall / system build• 25% fuel poverty• Asked to be part of the process ‘Trailblazing’ The Green Deal.• Is there a role for Housing Providers?
  3. 3. Approach to retrofit Retrofit measures Measuring change Social return onInvestment
  4. 4. Testing the Key Areas of theGreen Deal• Marketing and Engagement• Assessment and Advice• Installation• Payback
  5. 5. The benefits of External WallInsulation  Reduced bills  Improved appearance  Increased comfort
  6. 6. Or dis-benefits “It is of our opinion that as a result of this work, our properties have been de-valued by at least £20,000 each, therefore it is our intention to seek legal advice on the possibility of suing the council for £20,000 per household as compensation”.
  7. 7. Marketing and Engagement Changed Supplier in Last 5 Years• Need to overcome natural inertia• Need to change behaviour and energy use• Recognise benefits (or disbenefits) 28% Yes No 72%
  8. 8. But maybe…..Before After
  9. 9. Marketing and Engagement• Reduce the hassle• Mixed approach
  10. 10. Mixed approach• Face to face• Internet• Social Media• Leaflets / Newsletters• Social networks / community groups
  11. 11. • There is a tendency for people to adopt the opinions, judgements and behaviour of others For example, people are more likely to install an energy efficiency measures if one of their family or peers have done so. Recent research suggests that engaging individuals as members of a community, rather than only as consumers of energy, is an important strategy for changing energy-related behaviours
  12. 12. Assessment• Qualified assessors – what ever that is?• Know the properties – public and private• Experience of retrofit• Independent• Serious about behaviour change
  13. 13. Gas Consumption Electricity Consumption
  14. 14. Installers• Frameworks delivering retrofit• Experience of working in peoples’ homes• Success in achieving training and apprenticeships• Mechanisms for performance monitoring• Quality assurance / management – PAS 2030• What about SMEs
  15. 15. There is an appetite! Would you be prepared to pay towards energy efficiency measures if you made a bigger saving as a result? 13% Yes No 26% Blank 61%
  16. 16. Pay Back – The Pitch!• No immediate upfront costs and long- term benefits.• By deferring the costs of installation, the Green Deal is designed to make the uptake of these measures more appealing to individuals.
  17. 17. Word of warning – Green Dealmust address the fuel poor There is a risk that the Green Deal could in fact make fuel poverty worse unless:• There is an accurate assessment of a home, its There is a role for occupants and their behaviour in order to make the correct diagnosis and the economics of paying for them. Housing Providers• We recognise that different customers need different approaches.• We build trust in Green Deal among the fuel-poor, and overcome the mistrust that many people on low incomes feel towards official initiatives.