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Green Deal Overview


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Green Deal Overview

  1. 1. 11/07/2012CENTRE FOR WASTE GREEN DEAL – BIG PICTUREMANAGEMENT  UK Housing Stock - 26.6m homes  Owner/occupied 67%  Private landlord 15%  Local authority 9%  Housing Association 9%  (New dwelling completions currently below 100,000 – so house currently has to last 266 years!)  Business Premises 1.8m England & Wales Ross Fielding, Research OfficerBIG PICTURE - Insulation GREEN DEAL – Local Councils 23.3 million homes have lofts  All the Lancashire & Cumbrian Councils have been  (13.4m lofts insulated to 125mm – 10m lofts still to cautiously watching progress of Green Deal. upgrade)  Most concerned about fuel poverty and the 18.7m homes have Cavity Walls different ECO scheme where energy companies  (10.9m homes have Cavity Wall Insulation – 8m fund heavily discounted works on older persons & homes need CWI – some Difficult To Treat) other low income homes. 7.9m homes have solid walls  But they are also watching Manchester Councils  (estimated 1m homes have had internal or external who have been undertaking in-depth option cladding – 6.9m need work) appraisals. 1
  2. 2. 11/07/2012GREEN DEAL – AGMA GREEN DEAL - AGMA AGMA – Association of Greater Manchester 1.1 The Greater Manchester Green Deal Model: Authorities are much more advanced and Two LA Finance (Prudential borrowing or reserves) TGDFC Lead Authority / Models chosen for in depth study: Green Deal Finance vehicle + FIT payments 1. To act as a marketer/facilitator for a panel of Delivery Partner Contract & payment Delivery Partner Delivery Partner CS & AW ECO Green Deal Providers – low cost and no long term Assessors Referral Fee Producer financial risk, or Installers Marketing Energy Companies 2. To become a large scale Green Deal Provider. Install and manage (Being considered by Birmingham & Newcastle) Benefits Green Deal Payments This week ( Friday the 13th), they discuss option 2GREEN DEAL - AGMA GREEN DEAL NEWS Briefly:  DECC have announced: Source finance for a Green Deal Loan Book  £1m for training 1,000 early Green Deal Assessors Offer to consumers to be Council branded  £2.5m with Construction Skills to train installers Set up a in-house producer organisation as a self- and focussed on solid wall insulation sustaining business financed by referral income  No need to hold surety bond against insolvency. A target of 15,000 homes over 3 years requiring  No need to provide independent conciliation £75m loan funding ( presume mean £5k/home) service  No need to provide warranties for entire repayment period.  2
  3. 3. 11/07/2012GREEN DEAL INFO SOURCES GREEN DEAL INFO SOURCES GREEN DEAL INFO SOURCES Published in April by a partnership  NEW Department of Energy & Climate Change between: the Construction Products DRAFT GREEN DEAL CODE OF PRACTICE Association and the Energy Efficiency  For all Green Deal Participants and Certification Partnership for Homes, which has now renamed Bodies itself the Energy Efficiency Partnership for  To ensure fairness, transparency, good customer Buildings (EEPB) and you can find this guide on service, adequate training and appropriate their website. redress mechanisms. Guidance for assessors, installers,  Use of Green Deal Quality Mark, Sales & Cold manufacturers and contains advice for supply Calling chain with case studies on delivery methods 3
  4. 4. 11/07/2012GREEN DEAL INFO SOURCES GREEN DEAL MEASURES NEW: Department of Energy & Climate Change  DECC published in June list of measures eligible “How the Green Deal will reflect the in-situ under Green Deal and also which will also be performance of energy efficiency measures” eligible under the different ECO schemes In situ performance compared to theoretical  Entitled: “Which energy efficiency improvements Imperfect installations qualify for Green Deal Finance?” Obstructions to insulating components  If you take it off the DECC website, either save it Natural variations in performance of elements or print in colour - because the eligibility table is colour-coded and useless in black & white. “Comfort –taking” Incorrect operation 4