green deal 23 nov11


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Ross Fielding UCLAN presentation to LCBPC Preparing for Green Deal event

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green deal 23 nov11

  1. 1. CENTRE FOR WASTEMANAGEMENT Ross Fielding, Research Officer
  2. 2. GREEN DEAL or NO DEAL To commence late 2012 To create 100,000 jobs by 2015 Energy Efficiency Measures  Insulation  Efficient heating or lighting  Renewables For Businesses, Owner/occupiers, tenants or landlords (Separate Funding for Social Housing)
  3. 3. GREEN DEAL – BIG PICTURE 1 UK Housing Stock Total - 26.6m homes Owner/occupied 67% Private landlord 15% Local authority 9% Housing Association 9% (New dwelling completions in 2010 were 102,000 or only 0.4% of the total stock!)
  4. 4. GREEN DEAL BIG PICTURE 2 23.3 million homes have lofts  (but only 13.4m lofts insulated to 125mm) – so 10m lofts still need upgrading! 18.7m homes have Cavity Walls  (butonly 10.9m homes have Cavity Wall Insulation) – 8m homes need CWI (though some may be DTT) 7.9m homes have solid walls  (estimate not more than 1m homes have had internal or external cladding) – 6.9m still to go!
  5. 5. THE GREEN DEAL MEASURES Improvements that conserve or generate energy Eligibility criteria:  Suitable for the property & not portable  Create savings to “pay-back” the cost. The Golden Rule: Savings MUST cover the Green Deal offered! (installation & finance costs) Government subsidies will support low income groups – danger of Golden Rule Failures
  6. 6. DECC - QUOTED MEASURES Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, controls etc. Cavity wall injection, lofts, flat roofs, cladding of solid walls, draught-proofing, insulation of tanks & pipes Lighting fittings & controls Water heating, water efficient appliances, taps etc. Microgeneration - heat pumps, solar (thermal or PV), biomass & CHP are all mentioned.
  7. 7. QUALITY CONTROL BSI Publicly Available Specification PAS 2030 for retrofitting energy efficiency to domestic & non- domestic buildings UKAS has been appointed to accredit assessors & installers. Green Deal Providers must use accredited assessors AND installers. New Green Deal Code
  8. 8. THE PROCESS 1. Owner or tenant contacts Green Deal Provider. 2. Assessor reports on cost/payback & confirms meets “Golden Rule”. 3. Green Deal Provider accepts report and makes Green Deal Finance Offer. 4. Client accepts Green Deal. 5. Green Deal Provider appoints certified installer. 6. Finance charges (not capital) paid through energy bills to Green Deal Provider – up to 25 yrs
  9. 9. Back to the Future Some professional groups fear take-up will be poor  Energy still too cheap!  Holidays will still have priority over cavity walls!  But under the Golden Rule there should be NO COST.  The PQQ for Green Deal Advice expects over 750,000 enquiries per year.  Also there is a precedent - this is not actually the first Green Deal!
  10. 10. And Finally..........The Devil will still undoubtedlybe in the detail – of which therewill be a great deal to come!