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Half Off Depot Community Manager


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Presentation by potential Half Off Depot community manger.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Half Off Depot Community Manager

  1. 1.  I  Want  to  LiveWell   Here  are  Half  the  reasons  why.    By  Brige7e  Flood  
  2. 2. What’s  Inside  •  The  What     –  Social  Media  &  Community  Management  •  The  How   –  Strategy   –  TacCcs   –  Measurement   –  Growth    •  The  Who   –  Current  HOD  Social  Snapshot   –  Future  HOD  Social     Brige7e  Flood  
  3. 3. Social  Media  Good:    Maintained.  AuthenCc  consumer  engagement  that  is  dependable,  personal  and  responsive.    Great:  Growing.  With  a  healthy  dose  of  creaCvity  and  fun.   Brige7e  Flood  
  4. 4. Formula  for  Success  Listen  +  A7ract  +  Converse  +  Convert  +  Amplify  =       LivingVeryWell     Brige7e  Flood  
  5. 5. A  Good  Social  Community  Manager  •  Brave.    •  Persistent.    •  Understands  the  community  &  your  corporate  culture.  •  Is  capable  of  mimicking  the  tone  of  exisCng  community,  but  with  the   ability  to  rephrase  and  soSen  relevant  comments.  •  Collaborates  with  internal  and  external  creaCve  resources  to  define  a   unique  and  disCnct  brand  voice  that  reflects  the  personality  of  the  HOD   brand.  •  Understands  the  brand  and  can  support  markeCng  &  business   development  funcCons  through  social  channel.    •  Comprehends  the  importance  of  ongoing  communicaCon  with  customer   service  &  support  team.  •  Is  an  innovator  who’s  not  afraid  to  try  something  new.     –  Maybe  not  a  first  adopter  but  spots  trends  quickly    •  Eats,  lives,  breathes  social.  Ready  to  jump  in  Day  1.   Brige7e  Flood  
  6. 6. Ready  to  Jump  In  
  7. 7. Strategy  •  Audit  exisCng  HOD  social  assets.  •  IdenCfy  resources,  both  internal  and  external.   –  What’s  working,  what’s  not?  •  Set  goals  &  objecCves.  •  Benchmark.  •  Monitor.  Report.    •  Analyze.    •  Tweak.    •  Expand.  •  Rinse.  Repeat.     Brige7e  Flood  
  8. 8. That  was  Half.    Get  the  Full  story  in  person.                              @brigflood