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Lance Ohio Resume


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Lance Ohio Resume

  1. 1. LANCE C. LOWREY 6301 Lindsey Court Liberty Township, OH 45044 Home Phone Number: (513) 755-7954 Cellular Phone Number (715) 451-4072 Email:  EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: I have over 15 years experience in architectural designing. In that time I have been involved in all aspects of the home building process including company start up’s; management; inventory; quality control; submittals; purchasing; board blueprints and design; graphic design; freehand art and hand renderings and proven my ability in being a natural leader. I am very detail oriented; able to troubleshoot all aspects of the designing and building process and able to meet deadlines. My instituted systems have saved companies thousands of dollars in waste cost. Software Utilized: ARRIS BuildersCAD; Intelliframer; BuildersCAD .DWG Translator; AutoCAD Architect; HSB CAD; 2005 AutoCAD; SketchUp; DOS Based Pointline CAD; Custom Company Software; Ez Renderings; Microsoft Word; and Microsoft Publisher. EXPERIENCE: I currently own and manage my own Design business called Gaea Architectural Design. June 2008 To March 2009 Architectural Design Manager Details Homes of Architectural Distinction I was brought in to assist in the setup and run the architectural engineering and design department for a new modular home business. I run the entire design department along with doing all the architectural coordinating associated with the design process. I researched and selected the software used to best fit the needs of the plant. My job also consists of developing the shops drawing system that includes all the framing aspects of the structure; checking architectural and structural prints before building; meeting customers and design homes to their specific needs; running the homes through the state submittal process to get the houses stamped for building; walking the manufacturing line to assure the house is being built correctly; quality control; some hand renderings; making sure existing kitchen and cabinet design layouts are correct and overseeing the entire manufacturing process along with all troubleshooting involved.
  2. 2. March 2007 to April 2008 Head Designer and Drafter MSM Design Group, LLC I attended many customer proposal meetings; met with many clients; had gone before many zoning and architectural committees; and done many more commercial projects than in my previous jobs. After a while I moved from full-time employee to freelance employee but my job description was still the same. I was involved in all designing phases including (but not limited to) commercial design; foundation plans; heat loss calculations; detailed floor plans; elevations; detailed cross-sections; electrical plans; remodels; truss prints; 3D Study models with texture and shadows; 3D movie animations and fly-throughs; renderings; kitchen/bath layouts and elevations; detailed wall panel design; modularizing existing plans for system- built homes; cut lists; material take-off’s; pull lists; freehand artist drawings; and landscaping plans. October 2004 to March 2007 Drafting and Design Department Manager Skyline Homes I was responsible for the drafting department designing HUD and Systems Built Custom Modular Homes for a nationwide home builder. My position required me to be involved in all home designing phases including, new home blueprints, structural integrity, cabinetry, state code requirements, changes, and creative decisions utilizing 2005 Auto Cad Software. I was also solely responsible for providing custom construction drawings of detailed electrical prints; complete floor plans; foundations; elevations; cross sections; kitchen and bathroom designs with custom cabinetry; counter top specifications; and heat loss calculations for the entire home. I attended daily meetings which included input and decisions regarding designing custom homes; building codes; structural questions; and concerns. I also provided our construction workers with manufacturing shop prints, which are produced by taking finished floor plans and laying them out to provide detailed prints for the factory to build. These prints give placement of every floor joist; lam beam; roof truss; and lumber needed to build the entire house, including complete material cut lists and truss prints based on Individual State Codes. Utilizing my knowledge we did troubleshooting on every aspect of the home building process; including design ease; most efficient way to construct; purchasing; and suggestions from retailers.
  3. 3. AUG 1994 to September 2004 Supervising Multi Task Draftsman (2nd in Charge) Terrace Homes, Heath Follen Responsible for producing quality, job specific drawings and floor plans for a modular home business that produces 350 complete homes per year and 20 to 30 bank packages per week. Using Arris 3D Builders CAD I drafted detailed construction drawings of custom modular homes. I also provided renderings for all our “bank packages”. Other duties included; being involved in building computer libraries; mentoring; training new draftsmen; and overseeing the entire drafting department when the manager was unavailable. DEC 1988 to DEC 1993 Board Draftsman and Manufacturer Engineered Composite Technologies, Kent Huchthausen Designed detailed board drawn blue prints for fiberglass plant, including designing pipes, tanks, flumes, catwalk systems and spraying layers of fiberglass on minesweeping ships in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. I did all inventory and purchasing of necessary safety equipment and fiberglass manufacturing supplies. When necessary, I helped out with manufacturing duties. JAN 1988 to PRESENT Freelance Artist, Self Employed Designing and painting murals, lettering, logo design, T shirt design and tattoos. I also do freelance computer aided graphic design, custom home design and landscape design. EDUCATION: AutoCAD Architect training, Baltimore, MD – 2008 HSBCAD training, Pennsylvania – 2008 Trained under Rich Russ who helped develop the Arris BuildersCAD computer program designed specifically for architectural designing and framing – 2000 and 2007 AutoCAD classes at Mid State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids -1994