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MachinEVO Presentation at VWBPE 2012


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Presentation at Virtual World Best Practices in Education Conference 2012 MachinEVO was a 5-week workshop in Second Life on how to produce video

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MachinEVO Presentation at VWBPE 2012

  1. 1. Virtual Worldsbest practices in education Conference 2012
  2. 2. What‘s the EVO in MachinEVO? Teachers of English to Speakers of Others LanguagesTESOL Convention 28-31 March 2012 Philadelphia, USA
  3. 3. • EVO is attended by about 2000 language educator• 5 week online workshop• MachinEVO = 1 of 14 sessions• run by 7 moderators• aimed at language educators only• Second Life experience required... we expected about 20 sign-ups
  4. 4. 128 (!) registered on the NING site, 71 of whom we saw inworld and during the 5 week workshop...• they wrote 44 blogs• posted 120 photos• uploaded or shared 86 videos• 221 forum posts• produced 17 (!) machinimas
  5. 5. Film viewing „My Avatar and Me“having met Film Director Bente Milton and Camera ManRob Gould inworld
  6. 6. What a team effort!7 moderators10 group leaders4 expert advisors
  7. 7. 10 Groups•MAC group•Spanish group•Italian group•International MOON group•Barbara‘s CRIME group•French group•Livestreaming group•Travel group•German group•Giovanni‘s group
  8. 8. Expert
  9. 9. Expert advisorGromit Mayo, Executive Producer
  10. 10. Expert advisorHowdy Colter,
  11. 11. Expert advisorCharlie Navarathna, Video producer
  12. 12. MachinEVO AWARD Ceremony
  13. 13. Winner of 6 MachinEVO AwardsWynshel Heir „If I could fly...“•Best Video•Best Art Direction•Best Digital Story Telling•Best Machinimatography•Best Soundtrack•Best Second Life Animation„A linguistic masterpiece“
  14. 14. Winner of 4 MachinEVO Awards Jens Nerido‘s Group „Moon (International)“„A truly inspiringintercultural and collaborative video“
  15. 15. Winner of 2 MachinEVO Awards RosaVioletta‘ Italian Group „Stunning Fellini Production“
  16. 16. Winner of 1 MachinEVO Awards Alfonso Pfefferle‘s Spanish Group „What aheartwarming Spanish welcome“
  17. 17. Winner of 1 MachinEVO Award Barbara Novelli‘s Group „The untimely death of Peter Profit“„Gripping,challenging breath- taking“
  18. 18. Winner of 0 MachinEVO AwardsKarelia Kondor‘s French videos „French Charme“
  19. 19. Winner of 0 MachinEVO Awards Livestreaming Group
  20. 20. let‘s talk online Heike Philp @heikephilp