Social studies 8


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Social studies 8

  1. 1. Social Studies 8Medieval History
  2. 2. Course DescriptionThe course dwells with the History of Europe, Near East from the breakup of the Roman Empire to the dawn of the Renaissance. It will also deal with an Introduction to Philippine History emphasizing on the Spanish Colonial Period and the Rise of Nationalism
  3. 3. General Objectives of the Social Studies 8 ProgramThe General Objective of this course is to give an introductory overview of the History of Europe until the dawn of the Renaissance and a brief overview of Spanish Colonized Philippines. It aims to have the students practice critical analysis and Higher Order Thinking Skills.
  5. 5. FIRST QUARTERMiddle AgesRise of the Middle AgesBarbaric Invasions-FranksRise of Feudalism and Feudal LifeGrowth of Church Power and InfluenceStruggle between the German Empire and the PapacyHigh Middle AgesCrusadesRevival of Trade- - European Economy ExpandsLife in the Feudal TownCultureChallenges and the Weakening of Church PowerJapanese Feudalism
  6. 6. SECOND QUARTEREmergence of Modern NationsRenaissanceItalian RenaissanceNorthern RenaissanceArtLiteratureArchitectureCulture, Society and Daily LifeTHIRD QUARTERReformationProtestant ReformationCatholic Counter-ReformationCulture and Daily life
  7. 7. FOURTH QUARTERAge of Exploration and ExpansionFoundations of ExpansionKey PlayersEmergence of EmpiresCase Study: Philippines Under SpainRise of Nationalism and RevolutionDefinition of nationalismFactors contributing to nationalism: case study- PhilippinesFrench Revolution and its influence on the PhilippinesCauses of French Revolution and Philippine Revolution: Compare and Contrast
  8. 8. Required TextbookSpielvogel, Jackson J.. Glencoe world history: New York: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005. (Required Textbook)Cagniart, Pierre, and James Alloco. World history: people & nations. Austin: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Viana, Augusto V. The Philippines: A Story of a Nation. Manila: Rex Bookstore, 2011. Price- Php 356.00Diaz, Christine L. World History: New Perspectives (The Renaissance to the Global Wars). Manila, Anvil Publishing, 2011. Price-Php 245.00
  9. 9. Grading System40% Projects20% Class Standing20% Final Exams20% Behavior100% Total
  10. 10. Requirements• Portfolio-Color• Notes can be checked and graded as extra points• Index Card• Required Text• Readings• Assignments• Reaction papers• Current Events-Reaction and Sharing• Intermediate Pad• NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE A PENCIL! BALLPOINT PEN ONLY
  11. 11. Index Card 1/8 Grade 8-Social Studies- VioletNickname Recent Picture______________________________________________________Surname, Given Name M.I. BirthdayNationality ReligionCity Residence SOCIAL STUDIES 8
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