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Write Now.Review


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Write Now.Review

  1. 1. What were early letters written on?
  2. 2. They were written on clay tablets.
  3. 3. What are the five parts of a letter?
  4. 4. 1. the address and date 2. the greeting 3. the body 4. the close 5. the signature line
  5. 5. If you forget to write something in a letter what can you do? . P.S.: If you want to add anything additional to the letter you write a P.S. (post script) and the message after that.
  6. 6. If you want to add anything to the letter you write a P.S. (post script) and the message after that. PS -
  7. 7. Who did Egyptians write letters to?
  8. 8. They wrote letters to their dead relatives.
  9. 9. Why did the Egyptians write letters to their dead relatives? They asked their relatives for help.
  10. 10. Who invented the Royal Mail?
  11. 11. King Charles II invented the Royal Mail.
  12. 12. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone , but he still wrote letters. Do you think we should stop writing letters?
  13. 13. Censor-verb –to not allow some information/movies/or parts of a letter to be seen. Youtube is censored in Turkey. Why did the army censor soldiers` mail?
  14. 14. The army censored the mail so there was no information that could help spies.
  15. 15. What was the first air mail?
  16. 16. The first air mail was a carrier pigeon.
  17. 17. How many years ago was the mobile phone invented?
  18. 18. The mobile phone was invented more than 30 years ago.