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its ppt about designer Alexander lee mcqueen

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  1. 1. Designer Alexander lee McQueen Born on 17 March 1969 in Lewis ham, London
  2. 2. McQueens unique works• Old gothic shoes• Designer collection’s inspired by nature• Creative skull clutches• Fashionable accessories
  3. 3. Old gothic shoesThe old gothic shoes of McQueensto lady gaga The most perfect collections ofGothic style shoes specially made McQueens is the butterflyfor lady gaga for her album bad inspired collection whichromance place a major role in manyHit the album regarding the shoes theme part’swhich stands for that uniqueinspiration as well as the super coolcolors of the gothic style
  4. 4. Designer collections inspired by natureInspired by abstract nature Inspired by meat The collection’s of McQueens is very innovative than that of other designers as his design stands for the uniqueness of the inspiration from the mother earth
  5. 5. Creative skull clutches An unique designer with skull logo McQueen, fabric scarf printed with skull printed design with multi colors makes the brightness of the scarf ,The same skull like metal makes the finger rings in the clutch which shows the old gothic style which shows many kinds of designs as well as the way he gave the design is fully gothic style in skull design which is unique design he mad by the brand McQueen
  6. 6. Fashionable accessoriesThe golden ethnicaccessories are thefamous collection ofMcQueensOther than that healso design manyinnovative jewelsthat make thecustomer to felllike princess as hegot many awardsfor his ethnic jewels
  7. 7. The mostprestiges award • Walking with awards forhe got his innovative works The British Designer of the Year", which he won four times between 1996 and 2003 ;
  8. 8. Legendary Journey endsWe missed an unique icon of fashion On 11th February 2010 after his mother’s death