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Two-dimensional planning based on time and location
Combines CAD and project management features
Excellent presentation capabilities Superb progress tracking
Data exchange with other major project planning software

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Tilos for linear project

  1. 1. Visualize Project Success! Using TILOS for the linear planning and controlling of projects.
  2. 2. Characteristics of a linear project Repetition of each activity along the length of the project The goal is to optimize the productivity rates thus minimizing the total time of crews on the ROW thereby reducing project duration and overall cost Continuous movement of activities and crews along right-of-way Typical projects include: rail, tunnel, highway, pipeline, bridge and high voltage transmission line projects
  3. 3. The graphical representation of linear projects Road project Building project Rail project Pipeline project
  4. 4. TILOS vs. traditional CPM and Gantt charts TILOS connects the geography and constructability issues of a project with the schedule (what is built, when and where) Traditional CPM schedules and network diagrams fail to provide a visual connection between the project plan and the project itself Present your project on a single page using TILOS! 40-page Primavera schedule represented on one page using linear planning
  5. 5. TILOS in Linear Construction Projects
  6. 6. - How it works Top soil Bridge Fill Cut Grading Stabilisation
  7. 7. - The Gantt Chart features Natural working with interactive Gantt chart - Milestone symbols can be defined free and put to 1 task line - Multiple tasks on one line - Task steps to monitor micro tasks or extra work to happen before, during and after the task execution time Multiple Windows support - Move or copy tasks across the windows by mouse - Create links across the windows
  8. 8. - Railway Project High quality layouts keep attraction Be one step ahead of your completion o Pictures from site o Scale with side map o Main construction windows o Detailed work
  9. 9. - Railway Project o Generated sitemap and grid from sector table o Track renewal with hindrance and setup times o Full calculated ballast trains incl. train setup o Train runs for drive in and out Realistic scheduling using site data that influences construction progress Full integration of logistic and train rides
  10. 10. - Metro tunnel building o Rock classification table with drilling speed for tasks o Connector tunnels o Tunnel lining (1 task based on work profile) o Water draw down zone
  11. 11. - Metro project: Elevated line o Bend and Coordinates based on station table o Pile works generated based on station table incl. relationships o Deck works generated by station table o Elevated station Quick plan creation based on station tables with quantity values Ideal overview on the construction program
  12. 12. - Metro Rail Project in South Africa o 8 zones with different station numbering (non linear axis) o Left part build as underground o Cut and fill sections o Evaluation phase First basic construction program in TILOS with later detailing in Primavera Update of TILOS schedule done every 1 month using link to Primavera
  13. 13. - Industry sample: Pipeline o Elevation profile o Strong rain fall o Pump stations o Linear works Pipeline project planned in 2 spreads to cover weather conditions Rainfall is shown in colors in the background of the schedule
  14. 14. - Highway Project
  15. 15. - Highway Project o o o o Exits and crossings Cut & Fill Bridges Tunnels
  16. 16. - Highway Project o Preparation o Bridges o Cut & Fill o Black tops o Monitoring o Handover
  17. 17. TILOS progress reporting Progress always contains distance information, not just % completed Enter progress directly into TILOS for an immediate evaluation Record progress Import progress (Clipboard or XML) Analyse progress Apply progress
  18. 18. Project description in XLS Description of the track including GPS co-ordinates Description of the project complexities
  19. 19. Planning result in Google Maps Track renewal activity sliced into 3 hour working and reporting steps 06:00 – 09:00 03:00 – 06:00 00:00 – 03:00
  20. 20. Progress in Google XML Export with time sliced data shows progress status along the ROW Comparison: planned (thick line) @ 3am actual (thin line) @ 6am @ 9am
  21. 21. Integration models XML - Tasks - Links - Profiles - Resources - Costs - Progress
  22. 22. - XML: Data Exchange concept o Library data ASC Clipboard / File - Resources and accounts - Categories (Codes) - Distance and time profile data o Tasks o Task data - Resource and cost data - Actual resource data - Links - Progress XML TILOS Microsoft Project o XLS Exchange - Same items as for ASC - Each object in a separate data sheet o XLS Report Excel - Export of task list with resources assignments - Summary of resource consumption at the end - Time sliced values (Days / Week / Month / Years) - Empty lines for collect actual data ASTA Power Project Oracle Primavera Other programs
  23. 23. - XML: Export from TILOS o Select Action - File / Import - File / Export o Select format - ASC - XML - Excel o Data source - Select Clipboard or File o Select profile - Data exchange rules o Select project - Select sub projects - Set a filter o Start exchange
  24. 24. - XML Exchange with Primavera o Log in - Standard Primavera Log in o Select action - Import or Export - Create user fields o Data source - Select profile to use (Contains exchange rules) - Select data file (Contains exchange data) o Projects and filters - Select project - Select a filter for export o Start Import
  25. 25. - Primavera Master Project o Task ID from TILOS (alternatively GUID) o WBS code o Location data (UDF fields) o TILOS Template as code assignment
  26. 26. TILOS – professional linear project management solution A tool that connects schedule and site information in a single chart. Site constraints are integrated into the plan from the beginning Is used in any project phase: FEED, Tendering and Estimating, Execution and Claim analysis. A tool that can be used by any participant in the construction process: Owners, Engineers and Construction company. TIME DISTANCE is superior to GANTT CHARTS for linear projects. Rapid creation of repetitive tasks in different locations saves time and effort for detailed planning. Easy clash detection and avoiding errors saves money during construction phase. Powerful progress measurement tool to monitor construction exactly as it was done in the field ( movearounds, work stoppages and out of sequence progress). Flexible integration methods allow usage of TILOS along with other software and also if the project has already started.
  27. 27. What one of our clients is saying "TILOS transformed our engineers' attitude towards project scheduling from something extra they never had time for to a tool they "owned" and wouldn't go to a meeting without.” James Lyon - HDR Inc. in USA
  28. 28. Cityringen project in Kopenhagen, Length: 15.2 km Finish: in 2018 TILOS was used in early design phase to schedule TBM and the work in stations. We got the following remark on TILOS from : “TILOS is being used as the strategic planning tool for the Copenhagen Cityringen Project. Early in the project it was used to assess the impact of different TBM sequences and number of TBM’s on both the overall programme and the interfaces with the individual station construction. As the project has developed the tool has been invaluable in quickly assessing the affects of changes, possible delays and determining suitable mitigation measures, for both the TBM drives and the station constructions. Not only has TILOS been great as an analysis tool, but the easy to understand graphical output provides a simple tool for explaining the planning to all members of the project team.” This from : Steen Nielsen Head of Planning Metroselskabet I/S Metrovej 5 DK - 2300 Copenhagen S More info about project and contracts: http://intl.m.dk/Cityringen-en.aspx
  29. 29. Pipeline project Alberta Clipper, Canada Enbridge Pipelines Inc. operates, in Canada and the U.S., the world’s longest crude oil and liquids pipeline system. These pipeline systems have operated for over 55 years and now comprise approximately 13,500 kilometres (8,500 miles) of pipeline, delivering more than 2 million barrels per day of crude oil and liquids. Alberta Clipper is a crude oil pipeline that will provide service between Hardisty, Alberta, and Superior, Wis. This 1,000mile / 1,607-km pipeline will have an initial capacity of 450,000 barrels per day (bpd), with ultimate capacity of up to 800,000 bpd available. Enbridge Pipelines Inc. used TILOS as their best in class linear scheduling tool for managing the Alberta Clipper Mainline Construction for this immense project in Canada. The software was used in the field, and in the main offices to bring together stakeholders to greatly enhance planning, and reporting making the project a huge success. More info about pipeline projects: http://linearproject.com/pipeline-construction.html
  30. 30. Who is using TILOS ? Railway companies: Saudi Archirodon, DB, SNCF, Network Rail, Herzog, Nurol Construction, Dogus, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Qatar Railway Company, MMC Gamuda Railway equipment: Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, IJM CorporationBuilding companies: Bilfinger Berger, Hochtief, Strabag, Skanska, Bouygues, Vinci, Hill International, Kiewit, Flatiron, Enka, Parsons-UAE Engineering: Bechtel, Fluor, HDR Inc, Drees & Sommer, Lahmeyer, DB Consult, SNC Lavalin, Gulf Interstate, Worley Parsons, Engineers India Ltd. Indian Institute of Technology, Leighton Contractors Asia Limited, AECOM Pipeline: TransCanada, Enbridge, Willbros, Henkels & McCoy, Techint, Repsol, Rel.Gas Transport. Infra.LTD, NABUCCO Consortium, Stroytransgaz, Punj Lloyd Oil & Gas Power: ATCO Electric, Balfour Beatty Road: Mota-Engil, Hess. Straßenbauamt, Hermann Kirchner, DMRC Metro / light rail: Kopenhagen, Dallas, Toronto Transit, Houston Rapid Transit, Astaldi, Gulermak TILOS (TIme LOcation System)