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  1. 1. NEWSFLASH Date: 1 February 2012 ² Care ²Creativity ²Rights/Respect ²Expressiveness/Joy ² Achievement/SuccessWelcome to the 2012 school year. This will be the last Special Programs:year that Hackham East has two campuses. At the end of Jonathon Kaesler (Teacher Librarian), Barb Beare (JPthis year the Junior Primary and Primary Schools will Physical Education), Scott Megson (Primary Physicalamalgamate to form a single Primary School. Education), Erina Anderson (Music), Melissa Thiele (Literacy Mentor/Wave Intervention Manager) and VickyI am very pleased to welcome to our school community: Climatianos (Teaching for Effective Learning Specialist · Mr Andrew Lord, a JP teacher who has won awards in Teacher). developing learning programs utilising computer School Support Officers: technologies. Kelly White (Resource Centre), Lee Clements (Admin · Ms Cherie Reed and Ms Mary Francis who will be Front Office), Tracy Rowley (Finance Officer), Nick Allen running the Small Class. This is such an exciting (IT, Resource Centre), Lorraine Bagalene, Jean undertaking to be able to broaden our learning options Bradshaw, John Crossley, Tony Gauci, Cheryl Hamilton, to cater for more children. Jill Hepton, Liz Janmaat, Megan Lewis, Kylie North, · Ms Vicky Climatianos, Teaching for Effective Learning Nicole Reid, Debbie Scarff, Margaret Weddell and Debbie Specialist Teacher who will be working with all White. teachers. More information will be forthcoming in future Grounds Staff: newsletters. Kevin Bellis and Carlo VisciglioI am pleased that Ms Leigh Sheridan, Mrs Gill Dowd andMs Aimee Lipczyk have returned to our school. Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Scott Cameron (Director), Samantha Griffiths and DionThe School staff for 2012 is: MorganLeadership: Christian Pastoral Support Worker:Bob Thiele (Principal), Di Fairweather (Deputy Principal), Julia OsbornLindy Podzuweit (Deputy Principal) and Kingsley Heard Canteen Manager:(School Counsellor). Coralie GoodmanCastle Unit: Specialist Music Teachers (half day per week)Aimee Lipczyk (Transition), Gill Dowd (R/1), Andrew Lord Judy Fletcher (strings) and Paul Stacey (guitar/percussion)(R/1), Leigh Sheridan (1/2), Matthew Ratcliff (2/3 boys),Amanda Litzow/Rebecca Hepworth (2/3 girls) and Kris Mrs Ronda Boltje, who has taught 0.4 at both HackhamSander (3/4). East and Christies Beach Primary, successfully fulfilling roles ranging from Reading Recovery Teacher, LiteracyHolly Unit: Support Teacher and Aboriginal Education Teacher willJo Stirna (4/5 girls), Adrian Clements (5/6), Fiona Dealtry be teaching 0.8 at Christies Beach this year. We wish her(6/7 girls) and Mark Cronin (6/7). all the best for this new undertaking.Stillwell Unit: Please feel free to contact me or any member of theMichael Koutsoukos (4/5 boys), Jarrod Lamshed (6/7 leadership team by phone or email, if you have anyboys), Cherie Reed (Small Class teacher) and Mary questions, ideas or queries.Francis (SSO, Small Class). Bob Thiele Principal DIARY DATES CONTENTS Tuesdays 2:30pm finish each week of the Term Page 1 Editorial 13/2-16/2 Mr Cronin’s 6/7 class + Mr Clement’s Yr 6 Page 2 Canteen Roster, Crossing Monitors, Community Students at Aquatics, Pt Noarlunga News, Cyber-Safety Use Agreement, Tuition for Week 4 Governing Council Annual General Meeting guitar, drums and strings, Welcome to new studentsHACKHAM EAST SCHOOLS K-7, COLLINS PARADE, HACKHAM, SA, 5163 PHONE 83823824 FAX 83823054 EMAIL PRINCIPAL Bob Thiele, SCHOOL COUNSELLOR Kingsley Heard DEPUTY PRINCIPALS (PRIMARY) Di Fairweather & (JP) Lindy Podzuweit GOVERNING COUNCIL CHAIRPERSON Su Kendall email
  2. 2. CANTEEN CROSSING MONITORS ROSTER Term 1, Week 2 (6/2-10/2) Term 1, Week 2 2012 (6/2 - 10/2)Monday: Clint Noble Morning : Nicola RandallTuesday: Cynthia Farnden, : Laticia PlayfordWednesday: Clint Noble, : Moea Van EykThursday: Pia McMillan, Camilla Kilponen Afternoon : Morgane CoreloFriday: Kaya Bodsworth, Camilla Kilponen : Stacey Sutcliffe : Keiara WildenVolunteers are urgently needed in 2012 to keep theCanteen operating. Please speak with Coralie if you areavailable to help for any time at all. COMMUNITY NEWSCoralie GoodmanCanteen Manager · Being Enough - Community Sisters is a free women’s art group and no experience is needed, just a desire to have fun, explore, create and connect with other wonderful women. Held on 1, 3 & 5CYBER SAFETY USE AGREEMENT Tuesday of the month starting 7/2 at Southern Women’s,In conjunction with the Education Department and to Alexander Kelly Dr, Noarlunga Centre. Bookings essential. Ph 83849555.ensure the cyber-safety of students at Hackham East · Banana Splitz Groups for kids living with parental separation.Schools, all students will be issued with a Use Agreement Held at Family Relationship Centre, 38 Beach Rd, Christies BeachForm today. To assist us to enhance learning through the on Tuesday from 4:00-6:00pm from 28/2-3/4. Ph 83014200 forsafe use of information and communication technologies, more information.we are asking parents/caregivers to please read the · Cheap Easy Meals for 1 or 2 Learn how to cook basic, cheap,document and sign the Use Agreement Form. The Use healthy meals for 1-2 people every Tuesday from 10:00am-Agreement includes information about your obligations, 12:30pm at Christie Downs Community House, Cnr Flaxmill &responsibilities and the nature of possible consequences Morton Rds, Christie Downs from 21/2-13/3.associated with cyber-safety breaches that undermine the · Dollars & Sense Would you like more money in your purse at thesafety of the school environment. Once the signed end of the week? Kylie can assist you to manage your bills, toconsent has been returned to school, students will be improve your shopping power and to make the most of yourable to use the school ICT equipment. money. Each Monday from 12:30-2:30pm commencing 13/2. PhKingsley Heard 83849555 for bookings or enquiries.School Counsellor · Circle of Security Parenting Program for parents who would like to explore and further develop their relationship with their child. Held at O’Sullivan Beach Children’s Centre, 51 GallowayGUITAR, DRUMS AND STRINGS TUITION Rd, O’Sullivan Beach each Tuesday 7/2-27/3 from 1:00-3:00pm.There are a limited number of places available for Guitar, Ph 83822850 for more information. Free.drums and Strings Tuition for 2012. Students must be · Thunderbirds Family Fun Day Free Carnival on Sunday 12/2,Year 3 or above for Strings (violin, viola and cello) and meet all your favourite players, jumping castle and lots more.Year 5 or above for guitar and drums. Please contact the Visit for more information.front office for an enrolment form and return this byFriday 3 February 2012. Please see Staffroom window for further information relating to some of the above events.Bob ThielePrincipalWelcome to Hackham East Schools the following students. We trust you will enjoy your learningexperiences at our school: Ms Lipczyk’s Class: Small Class: Mrs Litzow/ Mr Clements’ Class: Brianna Kallan Mrs Hepworth’s Class: Riley Axel Aidan Tarryn Steven Jaxen Lara Rachael Monisha Skye Anthony Michaela Laylah Michael Mr Ratcliff’s Class: Mrs Dealtry’s Class: Phoenix Joseph Mitchell Kalisha Christian Charlee Jahmayne Latoya Haylee Blake Billy Laura Ben Mr Cronin’s Class: Tahj Ms Sander’s Class: Amber Ethan Mr Lord’s Class: Daniel Amber Harry Kalem Joseph Talia Adison Jake James Mrs Dowd’s Class: Ms Stirna’s Class: Mr Lamshed’s Class: Jade Paris David Tahlarah Tanaya