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  1. 1. CONTENT SELLS COFFEE 7 Can Do’s for Coffee Marketers! Curated by Frank Delmelle, Content Strategist @sQills! ! ! ! Showcases Series!
  2. 2. HOT STUFFContent Marketing for Coffee Brands
  3. 3. Before we start: the following slides are conceived as a menu, showcasing the significance of content marketing for coffee brands worldwide...
  4. 4. ... A tailor made content marketing solution for your brand(s) will evidently require us knowing your objectives, your outlines, in brief: your briefing...
  5. 5. Please have a look... and enlighten us.
  6. 6. HOT STUFFContent Marketing for Coffee Brands
  7. 7. Inspiration Enlightening content Conversation Talk of the town, shareable content Education Useful content Aspiration Entertaining content, stories 2 3 4 1 Content: what’s in it for coffee marketers? SQILLS’ MAGNIFICENT 7 CONTENT DRIVERSTM Activation Campaignable content Congratulation Rewarding content Collaboration Engaging, participative content 5 6 7
  8. 8. (… on x coffee content carriers)
  9. 9. 1. Inspiration (enlightening content)
  10. 10. ”Coffee is much like wine. It’s created to be savored and experienced, and this all makes for great content.” Wes Heyden, owner and operator of Roasters Coffee;image: infographic-of-the-day-the-definitive-guide-to-crazy-coffee-drinks
  11. 11. collections/prints/products/the- compendious-coffee-chart THERE’S ‘A MILLION’ WAYS TO MAKE COFFEE
  12. 12. to-crazy-coffee-drinks; fbid=380398415329975&set=a. 369851393051344.47162.130515936984892&type=1&theater ‘THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CRAZY COFFEE DRINKS’
  13. 13. http:// m/magazine/gb/ en/home.html NESPRESSO (CLUB) DIGIZINE
  14. 14. DOUWE: INSPIRING (B2B) DIGIZINE & PRINT MAGAZINE Doelgroep: Professionals uit de segmenten Medium - & Large Business, Health & Care, Education, Horeca en Small Business (Facilitair managers, F&B managers en inkopers). Doelstelling: Het interactieve magazine dient - in combinatie met het printmagazine - als ondersteunend platform voor iedereen die in het dagelijks leven op een professionele wijze met koffie en thee te maken heeft. Met het relatiemagazine Douwe wil Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems de loyaliteit en retentie verhogen.;;
  15. 15. BRANDED COFFEE TABLE BOOK? “Something desirable, something that a customer will keep on their coffee table along with their books and magazines…” “The print publication creates a cover-to- cover experience rich in context. And it’s an artifact that you can leave on a coffee table and share or return to again.”
  18. 18. 2. Conversation (shareable content, earned media)
  19. 19. “Coffee brand Douwe Egberts got into a random conversation with The Dolphin Pub in Hackney, which has a strong and distinctly individual Twitter feed. The two came together and a highly entertaining conversation ensues. I love the way that @DouweEgbertsuk just rolled with it and responded to @The_Dolphin_Pub. (…) I think it’s a good reminder that brands should be open and not closed when it comes to social media and that way they will more likely reap the benefits of any opportunities to engage that come their way.” possibly-the-greatest-conversation-on- twitter-ever/#ixzz2GnrD1Vvb
  20. 20. STARBUCKS ‘NEWSJACKING’ & EARNING CONVERSATION… Some_039Cliff039_With_Your_Coffee_Starbucks_U rges_Unity; 238247/starbucks-fiscal-cliff-fail-the-coffee-chains- inane-call-for-bipartisanship
  22. 22.; OZONE COFFEE: EDUTAINING CONTENT MEETS PREMIUM CONVERSATION MANAGEMENT •  80:20 rule: Only talking about themselves 20% of the time •  Relevant and ‘edutaining’ content on blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: •  coffee awards/contest •  supplier stories (Costa Rica, El Salvador and Brazil) •  some candid Instagram shots of Latte art and their über trendy Taranaki and London cafés •  ‘the odd shot’ of their great staff •  customer experience photos •  articles about who they've sponsored •  articles on blends and origins •  brew methods and ways to get great coffee •  frequent use of humour •  something new on average twice a week •  They thank customer for tweets and comments, and go the extra mile if a blogger takes the time to do a review •  They understand content curation, repurposing web content and tailoring it to their two audience groups on Twitter and Facebook. •  And “they’re loading their site with SEO keywords.” “Not only are Ozone leveraging their supplier's CSR angle and reassuring their customers that they have quality, but they are taking the time to educate their clients and building the full story of their brand. From expert caring staff and roasting processes through to their sponsorship of rafting and what is an emotional story around their cofounder.” Ozone’s well rounded loyalty loop that their content is balanced across: •  SEO and social media based attraction •  Nurturing their existing customers with info and educative pieces. •  And retaining them with new ideas, community Instagram shots and sharing.
  23. 23. STARBUCKS’ “INSTAGRAM-CENTRIC SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY” Starbucks is almost definitely the brand making the absolute most out of its Instagram-centric social media strategy. Starbucks strives to be seen as a local- friendly, socially conscious coffee shop that happens to have, oh, a few locations, rather than just another large corporate chain. In this particular image, we see bags of beans, for sale in the shops, that subtly boast the Starbucks logo, and a tray of samples of this coffee, conceivably headed for the counter of the tweeter’s local Starbucks location to be handed out to individuals. The coffee is unaltered, and the background is dimmed to black, allowing Starbucks to assert that when it comes to its brand, two things matter: the coffee and the customers’ opinions.
  24. 24. “Stumptown relies heavily on visual content; almost every tweet and Facebook post includes a photo, whether it’s from Instagram or not. (…) The most engaging posts on Instagram are those that are most authentic to Stumptown’s historically DIY work ethic, aesthetic, and company spirit, i.e those that have “nothing to do with coffee, but speak volumes about coffee (or Stumptown) at the same time.” STUMPTOWN COFFEE: FANBASE °INSTAGRAM; http://;; tumblr_m946hydbCz1qkx7jzo1_1280.jpg;
  25. 25. “Coffee creates a communal experience, even on social media, where people wake up to check their Facebook and Twitter feeds, coffee in-hand” Diane Geurts, Marketing & PR Director Tully’s Coffee 2012/12/20/coffee-content- marketing/
  26. 26. photo.php? fbid=10151242564294243&s et=pb. 58503569242.-220752000 0.1357121111&type=3&theater ‘VISUAL MARKETING’ BY ROASTERS: 1 PIC = 105 LIKES
  27. 27. 3. Education (advice, useful content)
  28. 28. “For many, drinking coffee is a ritual, and savvy coffee content managers know that capitalizing on this common visceral reaction to the beverage provides a rich source of content.” coffee-content-marketing/
  30. 30. APP
  31. 31. ILLY HAS ‘EARNED’ REVIEWS IN AL RELEVANT DINING GUIDES social-graph-illycaffe-case-study
  32. 32.; http:// “Caribou Coffee can personalize content, imagery or promotions based on business rules or user preferences. This provides the site visitor with more relevant information on coffee types or coffeehouses. (…) The team can also track initiatives to better understand the customer.” CARIBOU COFFEE’S PERSONALIZED MENU & NUTRITION SOLUTIONS
  33. 33. 6307/bid/28441/The-15-Best-Facebook- Pages-You-ve-Ever- Seen.aspx#ixzz2GocXtbQn “Community Coffee uses recipes and fun birthday ecards to help bring its products to life. Overall, this is a deep page with lots of content to keep engagement high.” COMMUNITY COFFEE FACEBOOK RECIPE APP
  34. 34. 4. Aspiration (Stories, entertaining content)
  35. 35. wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ Ellison_Starbucks_525.jpg “O segundo exemplo é internacional e trouxe a marca e os produtos da Starbucks como uma facilitadora de boas histórias. O café já sugere boas conversas e o compartilhamento delAs, sendo assim, a empresa assumiu as histórias como sendo um bem valioso e ocupou a posição de portadora dele. É o Storytelling tornando-se cada vez mais importante e prometendo ser peça chave nas estratégias de comunicação e marketing ao longo de 2011.”
  36. 36.; “Over the last several months, Stumptown has continued filming coffee farmers in their element. The latest in our series of Source Trip Films features Colombian coffee producers and the intense relationship between these growers, the coffee and their communities.” STORIFICATION BY STUMPTOWN
  40. 40. http:// contentmarketingsuite .com/article/27497/ Rewind-Folgers- Coffee-Is-Answer-to- Marital-Problems-in- This-60s-TV-Ad FOLGERS °AD STORY HERITAGE
  42. 42. HAS BEAN COFFEE: STORY GALORE Vlog, blog(osphere), Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, App store, Vimeo, Blip, Slideshare, etc. etc.. “Stephen Leighton built his West Midlands coffee business up from a single roaster in his garage to serving 20,000 customers, using content marketing and a lot of hard work.. (…) He still is plugging every possible aspect of his brand’s story on every possible platform in a consistent entertaining voice. See e.g. his weekly coffee tasting show In My Mug >>;;; pencil-pot-with-has-bean-bags.html;
  43. 43.
  44. 44. The Stories of Has Bean Coffee are not just building SEO, they’re engaging the creative crème de la crème of the blogosphere. HAS BEAN COFFEE EARNING CREATIVE BLOGGER ENGAGEMENT
  45. 45. STARBUCKS PROMOTING RECYCLING AWARENESS ON EARTH DAY street art campaign – branded video – homepage – blog(s) – youtube (channel) - “They set up a street art campaign in the Flat Iron District in New York City, building a tree out of cups of coffee in variegated shades. Each person that put their cup down traded in their paper cup for a reusable mug or tumbler. The promo asks: "If everyone made one small change, could we change the world?" The spot suggests: "One person changing can save trees, together we can save forests." Starbucks; http:// celebrating-earth-day-video- starbucks
  46. 46. 7352/COS3775%20Foundation %20GUATEMALA_v2.pdf CSR STORIES COSTA COFFEE
  47. 47. http://trends.e- 2012/09/14/caffeinating-at- the-office-infographic/3793 (BRANDED?) COFFEE INFOGRAPHICS
  48. 48. What’s your story?
  49. 49. 5. Collaboration (co-created, participative content)
  50. 50. LAVAZZA ‘OPERA VIVA’: A CO-CREATED, CURATED & CUSTOMIZABLE CALENDAR •  Co-created/crowdsourced: fans were invited to send video and pictures via Instragam, Twitter and Facebook. •  ‘Curated’ by digital artist Marco Brambilla, into iPhone app / ”global video collage” •  “Download & personalize” •  #Lavazza Calendar Heritage.;
  51. 51.;
  52. 52. “It began, as so many things do in life, with a cup of coffee. One day, Japanese artist Tomoko Shintani decided to draw on hers. The result is a series of engaging illustrations that flow from Starbucks coffee cups. "There was no particular reason or idea. I just drew on a cup because it was 'paper,'" Shintani says. The resulting doodle, which integrated the Starbucks cup that helped fuel its creation, begat a new hobby and a whimsical series of images that have captured the attention of Instagram, and the Internet by extension.” STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP CREATIVITY CONQUERS INSTAGRAM “AND THE ENTIRE INTERNET”
  53. 53. ‘MY STARBUCKS IDEA’ “You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. So tell us. What's your Starbucks Idea? Revolutionary or simple – we want to hear it. Share your ideas, tell us what you think of other people's ideas and join the discussion. We're here, and we're ready to make ideas happen. Let's get started.” coffeehouse/learn-more/my- starbucks-idea
  54. 54. starbucks_tackles_big_product_strategy_issues _using_social_co_creation_contests “Social co-creation contests are online contests sponsored by a company (and often hosted by a vendor) whereby a question or problem is posed to an audience, with a prize given as an incentive for participation. (…) Starbucks put up the $20,000 prize money, and betacup partner jovoto (a social co-creation contest vendor) launched the contest to its cultivated audience of creatives.  (…) The actual winning entry was dubbed "The Karma Cup," its idea was simple. At the register of each Starbucks store will sit a small chalkboard. Each time a person brings in a reusable cup for their beverage, a box is checked off -- and every 10th beverage is free. (…) This effort shows that product strategy issues big and small can be addressed via co-creation.” STARBUCKS TACKLES BIG PRODUCT STRATEGY ISSUES USING SOCIAL CO-CREATION CONTESTS
  55. 55. COFFEE FOR LESS ENCOURAGED USER GENERATED CONTENT (REVIEWS) AND SAW CONVERSION RATES JUMP 125% AMONG VISITORS THAT ACCESSED THE CONTENT To cultivate user-generated updates for content marketing, Coffee for Less encourages users who make purchases on the site to review the products they bought. Content that showcases product experiences helps demonstrate value. ROI: •  125% conversion rate jump among website visitors that accessed the content •  organic search traffic to the site increased 10% •  interesting reviews shared/traveled on Twitter and Facebook.; generate-some-of-that-content-for-you
  56. 56. LIBELLE & SENSEO KOFFIEPANEL “Douwe Egberts wilde Senseo een nieuwe impuls geven en kwam met Sanoma tot het co-creatie concept van het Libelle & Senseo Koffiepanel.“ van-libelle/#When:08:35:59Z
  57. 57. 6. Activation (campaignable, ‘agency’ content)
  58. 58. photo.php? fbid=354908651212285&set=a. 134651239904695.4988.130515936 984892&type=1&theater COMMENT & WIN COFFEE (ESQUIRES NZ)
  62. 62. “Costa Coffee launched a Facebook app for their (3m) Coffee Club members. The app gives members direct access to their account from within Facebook. It will also mean unregistered Coffee Club members the chance to register their card within the platform. As part of a promotional drive, 10 million loyalty points will be given away on Facebook. (…) When you have saved up enough you can pay for your Costa order with your points. (…) The app will help members to see what they can use the points for in a platform they are familiar with and will of course give Costa some rather valuable data about their most devoted customers too.” costa-to-launch-new-facebook-app-to- make-buying-coffee-easier/ #ixzz2Gns309W2 ‘REGISTER & ENJOY MEMBER ADVANTAGES’ (COSTA COFFEE CLUB)
  63. 63. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) got more than 35% of its customers redeeming the coupons from the promotional booklets sold on the Friendship day. These booklets are sold at a token price at its coffee shops and inside carry discount/freebie deals which can be redeemed using coupon codes at the time of placing orders. To get the coupon codes customers can ZipDial (give a missed call) to phone numbers assigned to each of the deals. CAFÉ COFFEE DAY – COUPON BOOKLETS
  64. 64. 7. Congratulation(s) (rewarding content, CRM, loyalty stricto sensu) photo.php? fbid=385488514820965&set=a. 369851393051344.47162.1305159 36984892&type=1&theater
  65. 65. “Mobile Marketer recently highlighted a Dunkin Donuts marketing campaign that used Halloween’s popularity to get Twitter and Instagram users involved with the company’s new mobile payment app, while also winning some user-generated content. The company asked customers to decorate coffee cups in Halloween costumes and share the images on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag “dressDD.” The most creative designs received a free $100 mobile gift card. The campaign successfully leverages the brand’s existing popularity, along with social’s power and general consumer interest in mobile payments.” DUNKIN DONUTS REWARDING (BRANDED) HALLOWEEN CREATIVITY
  66. 66. Starbucks has a mobile app that rewards users with stars and status levels. It give users incentives to keep playing. Every time customers walk into a Starbucks and use the app to pay for their coffee, they earn a star. Once they get a certain number of stars, they move on to different levels. The green level, for example, entitles users to free refills on brewed coffee or tea. The app has progress bars and incentives throughout to motivate users. Additionally, users can sync their app to their Facebook account, turning this into a social loyalty play, since users can now share their progress with friends. STARBUCKS REWARDING LOYALTY WITH STARS AND STATUS
  67. 67. NESPRESSO CLUB REWARDS MEMBERS (ONLY) WITH… PRINT CONTENT nouvelle-formule-plus-qualitative/; content/uploads/2010/09/Image-15.png “Une nouvelle formule plébiscitée lors de l’étude menée cet été. La formule précédente était trop auto- promotionnelle et moins axée art de vivre.”
  68. 68. Convert your audience into smarter, more loyal and MORE PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS. Get content. Get sQills, part of Sanoma 0032 (0)15 67 83 77