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6-2 ush


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6-2 ush

  1. 1. Ch.6 Sec.2
  2. 2.  Describe how & why the Republicans formed Explain why the Whigs & Know-Nothings disbanded Explain the importance of the Dred Scott Case, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and John Brown’s raid
  3. 3.  Republican Party • Anti-slavery groups from the Whigs, Free-Soil, and Democrats formed to create the Republicans • Chose this name to link themselves to the ideals of Thomas Jefferson • Wanted to keep the ruling Southern class from controlling govt, outlaw slavery in the territories • Gained more power when the Know-Nothing Party dissolved
  4. 4.  Election of 1856 • James Buchanan (R) vs. John Fremont (D) • Buchanan wins, aimed to stop the growing division between North & South Dred Scott Decision • Supreme Court case involved a slave who tried to sue for his own freedom • The case ruled in favor of the slave owner • Further divided the North & South politically
  5. 5.  Lecompton Constitution • Fighting between both sides was still going on in Kanas • The pro-slavery govt took control and passed the Lecompton Constitution (legalized slavery) • A majority of Kansas citizens rose up, overturned the Constitution, & applied as a free state • Became a free state in 1861
  6. 6.  1858 Illinois Senate Election • Stephen Douglas (D) vs. Abraham Lincoln (R) • Lincoln wanted to outlaw slavery in territories, Douglas wanted popular sovereignty • Lincoln lost election, but gained popularity and recognition for himself & the Republicans
  7. 7.  John Brown • Abolitionist who favored violence to stop slavery from spreading • Tried to incite an insurrection against slaveholders in the South • Seized an arsenal at Harper’s Ferry (Virginia), waited for slaves to come and join his rebellion • Was surrounded by U.S. marines (Led by Robert E. Lee) and was captured • Tried and executed • Became a hero with abolitionists, a villain to
  8. 8.  How did the Republican Party come about? Why did the Whigs disband? Why did the Know-Nothings disband? Explain the Dred Scott Case & its importance Explain the importance of the Lincoln- Douglas debates Discuss the importance of John Brown’s raid