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The First New Deal under FDR

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18-2 ush

  1. 1. The Hundred Days Begins Hundred Days  The first period of Roosevelt’s presidency  Roosevelt had vowed to “Above all, try something ” to fix the economy First New Deal  Name given to bills passed from 1933-1935 by Roosevelt  Passed 15 major acts to combat the Depression  Were a collection of many different ideas to help improve the situation of the U.S.  Took advice from a broad range of advisors to create his policies
  2. 2. The First New Deal Tennessee Valley Authority  Massive public works project to bring electricity to the rural South and control flooding there Federal Emergency Relief Adminiration (FERA)  Gave federal money to state & local govts to help the unemployed Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  Guaranteed bank deposits up to $100,000 Public Works Administration (PWA)  Created jobs by building airports, parks, schools, and roads
  3. 3. Fixing the Banks Stock Market & Banks Under Roosevelt  Had govt officials inspect the nation’s banks to give them a seal of approval  Created the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate Stock Market activities  Glass-Steagall Act separated commercial & investment banking Fireside Chats  Direct talks by radio by FDR to restore American confidence in govt and the economy
  4. 4. Providing Debt Relief Debt Relief Under Roosevelt  Roosevelt felt people needed to eliminate their debt to invest in the economy  Wanted to help people have a disposable income again  Created the Home Owners Loan Corp (HOLC) , which reworked the mortgages of people unable to pay them  The Farm Credit Administration helped farmers refinance their mortgages
  5. 5. Providing Relief Relief Programs Under Roosevelt  Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) provided jobs to young single men for environmental projects  Civil Works Administration (CWA) hired any other unemployed people for public works projects