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Lamberhurst overview


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pragmatic business professionals

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Lamberhurst overview

  1. 1. the lamberhurst corporation<br /><ul><li>Our mission is straightforward: "to be the premier provider of consultancy services to the markets we serve".  The only way we can achieve this is to supply only the very best people when you need assistance.  Our business is our people.
  2. 2. As an organisation, our key driver is delivering client satisfaction. Our philosophy is one of a dedicated and enthusiastic approach. </li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst background<br />We <br /><ul><li> were established in 1999
  3. 3. have over 45 business practitioners
  4. 4. are business people like you
  5. 5. have held senior positions in UK organisations
  6. 6. work with clients across the UK</li></ul>and EMEA<br />
  7. 7. lamberhurst key benefits<br /><ul><li> we are pragmatic business people who have held senior and executive positions in UK and International organisations
  8. 8. as a result we hold peer-to-peer credibility with our clients.
  9. 9. we have access to industry contacts for our clients across all focus sectors.</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst key benefits<br /><ul><li> we have substantial experience of enabling growthboth for clients and as organisational leaders.
  10. 10. we can remove barriers to growth in all areas including but not limited to organisational process, supply chain, development, market awareness, sales, inward investment, leadership and staff empowerment.
  11. 11. we utilise business school theory andhaveprofessional qualifications to support our pragmatic expertise.</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst key benefits<br /><ul><li> we have well-developed methodologies for working with clients to achieve business benefit.
  12. 12. we use industry standard project management processes to ensure high quality outcomes.
  13. 13. as a consequence of our business model we are cost effective and use seasoned pragmatic business professionals on a project for its entire duration. </li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst key benefits<br /><ul><li> we currently have over 45 consultants within our growing organisation and have sufficient resources for any project we undertake and its resultant work streams.
  14. 14. clients value the ongoing contributions of pragmatic business people in the development of their organisation.
  15. 15. we are focused on Return On Investment
  16. 16. and deliver workable practical solutions</li></ul>implementable in the workplace.<br />
  17. 17. Understand<br />Issues<br />Select <br />Team<br />Agree<br />Deliverables<br />Monitor<br />Progress<br />Measure<br />ROI<br />Pragmatic Business Experience<br />Established Business Theory & Thought Leadership<br />Professional Qualifications & Membership<br />the lamberhurst method<br />
  18. 18. lamberhurst project examples<br /><ul><li>Supply Chain Improvementfor retailer group reduced cost by £0.7M, on-time delivery improved to 99.1%
  19. 19. Pros and Cons of Outsourcingnon core IT Services for Electronic Distribution company
  20. 20. Cost reductionfor International retailer – achieved 12% headcount saving and process re-engineering £2.6M</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst project examples<br /><ul><li>Business Transformation and business development project for branded goods company
  21. 21. Strategy Plan for Software Company to increase business performance
  22. 22. Merger of operations for Global Pharmaceutical Company
  23. 23. Established UK operations for large Multinational Telecoms Company
  24. 24. Outsourced Service Audit for large
  25. 25. International Bank</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst project examples<br /><ul><li>Implementation of sales strategy for on-going sales success
  26. 26. The development of a Global PC manufacturer’s service provider partner and reseller accreditation programme
  27. 27. Building a large internal sales force for utility company
  28. 28. Report on understanding and maximisingthe buying advantages from the ‘Supply Chain’</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst project examples<br /><ul><li>Implementation of Governance Standards for Electronics Distribution Company
  29. 29. Effective Change Management project
  30. 30. Senior Executive coaching & mentoring
  31. 31. Tender Production and Management of Disaster Recovery and Business continuity Services</li></li></ul><li>Lamberhurst Project Examples<br />Range of Projects for International Retailer Company Divisions including :-<br /><ul><li>Services Business Plan
  32. 32. SWOT analysis, Financial Business Plans, Organisational Structures, Remote Management Network service, Service in a Box
  33. 33. Corporate Business Development for entry into Corporate Market Sector – Winning them a £3 million P/A contract
  34. 34. Warehouse Operations improvement programme
  35. 35. European Acquisition research project </li></li></ul><li>Lamberhurst Project Examples<br />Range of Projects for Public & Health Sector Organisations:-<br /><ul><li>Support for a PFI proposal
  36. 36. Intranet process redesign
  37. 37. Data Reporting in Mental Health
  38. 38. Single Assessment Process for Older People
  39. 39. Management of Clinical Trials in Primary Care
  40. 40. Management of Digital Pen Implementation
  41. 41. Public Framework Agreements with seven different entities</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst experience<br />
  42. 42. lamberhurst practice areas<br /><ul><li>Business People
  43. 43. Business Operations
  44. 44. Business Performance</li></li></ul><li>lamberhurst clients<br />
  45. 45. lamberhurst accreditation<br />
  46. 46. lamberhurst testimonials<br />"The real benefit that Lamberhurst brings is their use of highly experienced business professionals, people who understand the real business world, people who have operated in roles similar to my own, people I can immediately relate to. I do not know of any other organisation that exclusively employs the skills of highly experienced business practitioners. This adds real value to the Lamberhurst offering.“<br />Mr. Richard Gifford - CIO - Memec Europe Limited <br />"One of the many benefits of using The Lamberhurst Corporation to assist with my business is the width and depth of skills they have available often at very short notice. This means if I need help in my business I know immediately where to turn and I know they will provide me with trusted experienced resource to help me resolve my business issues."<br />Mr. Derek Lloyd - Managing Director - PC World Business<br />