Technology Action Plan


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Technology Action Plan

  1. 1. Technology Action Plan<br />Lamar University <br />EDLD 5352<br />Technology Plan for 2011-2012<br />Objective Summary: To forge forward in the 21st century to integrate technology that provides a global learning community through accessing current technology trends, continuous professional development, and raise student learning outcomes through technology.<br />The goal of the plan is to establish immediate short term plans to be able to implement a long range plan for 2011-2012.<br />School Board Members and District office leadership: Review the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, Texas Campus STaR Chart Summary for the district.<br />Instructional Technology Specialist Instructional Technologist: Work directly with school board and district leadership and be responsible for implementing technology action plan guidelines. <br />Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist: Work closely with curriculum coordinators to incorporate technology into the curriculum. They would also be responsible for directing PD at the campus level concerning technology assimilation. <br />Administration Principal: Supervise technology assimilation and monitor Professional Development as needed.<br />Technology Planning Committee Members: Assess the hardware/software needs of each campus in the district and submit recommendations to the school board. Develop specific curriculum for professional development of faculty concerning technology integration. <br />Teachers: Implement technology into classroom instruction and guide students through technology based activities. Teachers should work with CBTI to help form technology based activities.<br />Students: Students will be held responsible for the developing a proficient academic level in technology<br /><ul><li>Action Step(s)Person(s)ResponsibleTimeline:Start/EndNeeded ResourcesEvaluations/OutcomesReview of current district initiatives for technology.Re-established Campus Technology CommitteeDiscuss technology initiatives with SBDM Budget for technologyCampus Infrastructure Review Professional DevelopmentStudent technology assessmentCampus AdministratorCampus AdministratorTechnology SpecialistCommittee (Campus Teachers) Campus AdministratorSBDM CommitteeCampus AdministratorTechnology SpecialistCampus AdministratorTechnology SpecialistCampus AdministratorTechnology SpecialistTechnology CommitteeTeacher, Specialist, and other personnelCampus AdministratorsTechnology SpecialistClassroom teachersImmediatelyApril 1st.May 1stMonthly meeting in MayOngoingJune 1June 1June 1District Technology Plan from Technology DepartmentCurrent campus technology assessment.Campus Star Chart Data.Current Staff Development DataAEIS Data, Star Chart Data, Campus Technology Needs AssessmentCampus Budget and District Technology Initiative BudgetHardware InventorySoftware Usage InventoryCurrent district professional development requirements for technology.Professional Development Training ScheduleCampus computer labStudent Survey-Student/Parent Home Technology Survey.Information shared at the next campus faculty meeting, April 7th.Overview of current technology needs and initiatives in place for teachers and students. Dedicated technology campus technology plan.Dedicated allotted funding for technologyComprehensive Inventory report of current technology hardware and district approved software.Completion on technology professional development plan by August.Student technology needs assessment from porfolios</li></ul>Profession Development Plan<br />Based on the Campus Star Chart Rating of Developing Technology to Advanced Technology the following is a proposed plan of action to make gains in the area of technology to bring the gaps in student learning and success in critical areas as such as reading, math and science as indicated in the AEIS campus report.<br />Professional DevelopmentPerson ResponsibleTimeFrameEvaluation/AssessmentTechnology Professional DevelopmentCampus AdministratorTeachersTechnology SpecialistCompletion of district mandated technology professional development plan by the end of each school year.Completing of Atomic Learning-Online professional development training. Teacher professional development district file.Content Area Integration Professional DevelopmentCampus AdministratorTeachersTechnology SpecialistAttend one technology content area integration session offered on campus. Teacher course evaluation and portfolio submittal.Technology Integration PortfoliosTeachersTeachers will be responsible for submitting student integrated technology projects every grading period (nine weeks) for the designated technology componentTeacher portfolio review by Campus Technology Specialist<br />