The Plan for an Epic Year


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Here's is my business plan for 2012 and beyond.

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The Plan for an Epic Year

  1. 1. Welcome to My World“The power to heal...the power to repair what has been broken is in your hands.” –Encounter 2012
  2. 2. The way the world works has changed.• Opportunities for employment are no longer achieved through the sending of paper resumes’ as much as they are through networking.• The factory system is dying. My importance no longer resides with my past employment or even my educational background.• My value in the marketplace is revealed through personal branding by OTHER PEOPLE (i.e. Linkedin’s Second Degree of Separation.)• In 2010, the average employment tenure was gauged at 3 years. This year, it has dropped to just two years.• Bottom line, to successfully compete in the marketplace today, I must show myself to be a linchpin (indispensible).• Therefore, I have become proactive in building a personal infrastructure/safety net of caring people, willing places and useful things.
  3. 3. Getting the right job is not about just pushing the rightbuttons. It’s about building the right relationships…
  4. 4. …with the right people.(People who believe in the value I say I have to deliver.)Bishop Rick Thomas Ellen & Bryan Daly Monica BorbelyJason Womack Jeff Manz Rafael Monterrey
  5. 5. It’s not just the economy, stupid. It’s about my relationships.I have stopped playing a numbers game in seeking employment. Instead, I now focus on becoming indispensable to people.
  6. 6. The Funnel of Fellowship Caring Willing people places Useful things Hop into my sphere of influence
  7. 7. Quiet please…Something special this way comes…
  8. 8. (Want evidencethe econony isbad? Thisrestaurant hasgone out-of-business.Less than twomonths agoJan Rogershad a pre-birthdaysurprise in therestaurant.)
  9. 9. (This is the restaurant that replaces the Bagel BagelCafé for the Business Connection. It is also my firstclient. It is a believer in myTRUE VALUE.)
  10. 10. (Jason Womack flew across the nation to speak to a conference of300 people at The Breakers in Palm Beach for 45 minutes, but heand his lovely wife spent 3 hours with me, Jan and several othersat the Bagel Bagel Café several months ago. Why? Because heunderstands the value of a tribe – where true friends abide.)
  11. 11. (This man gave me a laptop computer and helped make Jan’spre-birthday surprise extra-special. He has also been mentoringme with fund-raising ideas as he has a masters degree inmarketing from Rutgers University. Why demonstrate such care?Because he belives in my TRUE VALUE.)
  12. 12. (Jennifer had more than 500 hitsto the Squidoo lens I created forher in less than a month. Thiswould never have happened hadthe woman not had faith myability. Belief in people and theirTRUE VALUE really doesmatter.)
  13. 13. (Rafael not only attended my Encounterreception, but financed my initial socialmedia workshop. He also transported me tomany of the coffee meetups. Why? Becausehe values who I am and what I can do.)
  14. 14. False Security vs. True Freedom My TRUE VALUE is not meant to be someone else’s passport to freedom.I will not settle for false security. I will strive to remain the CEO of my own life.
  15. 15. (This is how I appear in the looping slideshows I created for The BusinessConnection, which currently showcasesnearly 30 different businesses online.)
  16. 16. My WiseStamp SignatureLamar MorganSynergistic Business MarketingThe "Better Together" Approach (This is how I typically sign my outgoing email. It is a special approach to bring caring people, willing places and useful things into my “sphere of influence.”)See what your need...and get it done.Unique $5 press release distribution.Schedule a call.“"You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions." - Adlin Sinclair”Get this email app!Want a signature like mine? CLICK HERE.
  17. 17. I am not only actively seeking full-time employment, but work as an independent contractor.I feel very good about my interview with the tech support arm of But, that is only going to pay$10 or $11 per hour. I need to be making at last $25 per hour as that is the median pay for my skill set. I havealso recently had what is called a Torqwork assessment at Workforce One North. This now provides me withaccess to the “hidden job market.”There are seven ways I can benefit any business , nonprofit organization or person in career transition:1) $5 press release distribution - including professionally shot video in the press release, courtesy of GrabNetworks.2) Worldwide marketing collaboration through The Jade Magnet of India. There is very little that cannot beaccomplished at a considerable savings by 10,000 marketing experts using a wikinomics business modelstrengthened by crowd mechanics.3) The creation of Sparkler Display Cards - where mobile marketing gets done without a phone.4) The T-Shirt Promotion Store - where you customize, wear and share your message.5) Foursquare marketing management - where the "shop local" idea really works.6) e-Signature contract delivery - where the signing of a contract gets done by email.7) Middleman marketing - where the sales process becomes customer service compliant and inbound.
  18. 18. Current Revenue Sources (Received via Paypal)This is the world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5. Icurrently have the maximum amount of gigs (20 gigs) from which thepublic can choose. Since before moving to Florida, I had my own small business column in the San Francisco Examiner. Since moving to Florida, I have been granted an additional column in the Ft. Lauderdale Examiner and the Small Business National Examiner. To date, I have posted a total of 87 articles and have been designated with 20 trophies. I have created 79 Squidoo lenses . A Squidoo lens is a one-page website, composed of modules that do amazing things. People fund charities using Squidoo lenses.
  19. 19. Work Resource Library (for both contract and full-time employment)A Lazy Lobster (Australia) Booyango BranchoutCraigslist DoNamza Elance Examiner FittyTownFiverr Fourrer Freelance (Australia) GigBucksGigMe5 GigBucks GigMe5 Indeed JibberJobberLinkedin Monster ReferralKey SquidooThumbtack Top Prospect TransHire
  20. 20. Furnishings provided by Jan Rogers include:Bed, linens, desk and chair, table on rollers.Bookshelf, lamps(2), microwave, toaster, silverware, glasses , plates hamperand containers.Furnishing sent from storage in California:There are a wide range of items hopefully coming from California by the end ofthe year as they represent nearly 60 years of living – thanks to myfriend, Sandy Hamilton, who initially placed them in storage. Among theitems in storage is a very important MRI film, a very nice Sharp projector andfamily photographs. ALL GONE!
  21. 21. Initial Living ExpensesRent - $883/monthRent Deposit - $300Utilities - $17 to $35/monthFood & Nonfood items - $200/month (based upon EBT card requirement)Wash and Dry Laundry - $3/wash & dry (or $45/month unlimited)Phone & Internet - 0 (will use the public library)Haircut - $15/mo.Total = $1, 413
  22. 22. Projected IncomeGross: $4,000/month or $1,000/weekTithe (10%) & Offering (10%): $200/weekWhere’s the money coming from:• Gigs (i.e. Fiverr, etc.)• Worldwide Marketing Collaboration (The Jade Magnet of India)• Mobile marketing through Sparkler Display Cards• Online T-shirt promotion store• Foursquare marketing management• e-Signature contract delivery• Middleman marketing• Anything else I can find full and part-time (i.e. or its affiliates.)Due to the state of the national economy, it is clear that whether I find full-timeemployment or not in the corporate or small business sector, I need toincorporate myself in some fashion if only to properly account for all my streamsof income under one roof. Both Jan and I have already spoken with both CPADoug Cohen and business attorney Dave Steinfeld. I am looking forward tospeaking with local CPA Uma Baso in the coming weeks.
  23. 23. Special Freelance Resources• Mobile phone website via DoNamza• Fanzilla - inbound marketing resource• Itweetlive - creates “buzz” on Twitter• - provides quotes, invoices and tracking• Paypal - creates invoices, receives payments for Paypal and all major credit cards• Dwolla - does bank-to-bank transactions with out the need of credit cards• DoNamza - promotes freelance work• Thumbtack – promotes freelance work Followers on Social Networks Linkedin - 1, 919 Twitter(lamarjmorgan) - 1,733 MerchantCircle - 6,731 Twitter(clustering) - 1,477 Foursquare - 1,020
  24. 24. Linkedin Profile ( to action: “Give your business better visibility through crowd mechanics.Schedule a call at”Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Marketing and AdvertisingSlideshare Slideshow Presentation Box Section - Downloadable documents, slide shows, pictures, videos with instant notification via email . Event Section - Posting of events that circulate throughout Linkedin. Creative Portfolio Display by BehanceText Summary of My TRUE VALUEWork Experience Volunteer Experience Publications (5) - three I write, 2 are automated(produced for me) List of Skills & Expertise Educational Background Written Recommendations Additional Information - 3 websites, 2 Twitter sites, Groups & Associations on Linkedin (60)
  25. 25. I hope you enjoyed the journey.“It’s not really about defeating the giant. It’s about eating at the king’stable. The reward is indeed greater than the challenge.” – Lamar Morgan