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Synergistic business marketing


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Synergistic business marketing

  1. 1. Synergistic Business MarketingBecause every business and every personneeds to make THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS.. How can Synergistic Business Marketing help you? View these slides.
  2. 2. Products and Services• Cell Phone-Activated Sparkler Display Cards• Clickable Tweet Referral Pages• E-Signature Contract Creation And Distribution• Foursquare Venue Marketing Management• Synergistic (3-Business) Marketing Campaigns• Trackable Press Releases What’s next? Special Recommendations.
  3. 3. Special Recommendations For Business Networking Business Connection For A Social Media Dashboard MarketMeSuite For Enterprise Facilitation Sirolli Institute
  4. 4. Special RecommendationsFor Professional Speaking Empowerment SpeakerNetNews For Peak Performance Achievement The Womack Company For Mobile App Creation Thumbscreen Mobile
  5. 5. Special Recommendations For Positive Thinking World Positive Thinkers, Inc.For Small Business Marketing Ideas Marketing Sparks For Moving Your Career Forward The Job Campaign
  6. 6. Special Recommendations For Thinking “Outside-The-Box” Flip & Sparkle For REAL Financial Freedom Positive Cashflow Options For Paying It Forward Life-enhancing Outreach
  7. 7. Synergistic Business Marketing If you need help, the first step is to schedule a call. Thanks for watching this slide show presentation.