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From Flare to Flair: Finding my "Lupus Style"


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From Flare to Flair: Finding my "Lupus Style"

  1. 1. w
  2. 2. From Flare to Flair:a journey to discovering @LAlupusLady and #LupusStyle
  3. 3. I am not always a “caped crusader” sometimes, I wear a fuzzy robe.
  4. 4. I wasn’t always a “caped crusader” for Lupus Awareness!
  5. 5. My life with Lupus…1st Support Group said to plan your funeral.Once I realized that I am not going to die, I hadto do something.Once I learned to control and manage my flares,I found my flair!
  6. 6. From Patient to Advocate
  7. 7. “Lupus Awareness is Fun!” with Senator Boxer
  8. 8. “LA Lupus Lady” in DC!
  9. 9. In NYC “LA Lupus Lady”
  10. 10. Lupus Style w/ @TiffanyAndLupus
  11. 11. “LA Lupus Lady” the caped crusader!On stageat the LA“Alliancefor LupusResearch”Walk!
  12. 12. I am a “Caped Crusader”LA Lupus Ladyhits the streetwith my side-cat REX…
  13. 13. Fun #LupusStyle
  14. 14. What is “Lupus Style”?Lupus Style is finding the balance and beingcomfortable in your body.Lupus Style is about accentuating the positive.Lupus Style is being understanding with yourselfwhen your body is not cooperative.
  15. 15. Lupus Flare to Flair!Sharing that passion is contagious but lupus isnot.LUPUS ~ Let Us Promote Understanding &Support.Lupus Style is whether you are in PJs and a robeor Karen Kane in Kansas City, embracing yourflair wherever you are.
  16. 16. Flying “like a Jet” with my cape on the 50 yard line!
  17. 17. Amanda Greene@LAlupusLady on“The future ofLupusAwareness isso bright… Ihave to wearshades.”