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Brand is not about being on top of something


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Brand is not about being on top of something

  1. 1. Brand is not about being on top of something, but within something. Group 1 Aravind Uppala 122 Dasari Pradeep 126 Sangam lalsiva Raju 138 Rajesh Mishra 151 Ankit Narulla 172
  2. 2. BRANDS  Brands are the direct consequence of the strategy in market segmentation and product differentiation. • For e.g. Lux, Dettol, Cinthol all belong to soap categories all are the top selling brands … but, one cannot say which is top among three • Reason if I say Lux- the first thing that comes to your mind is beauty of film stars and in similar way if I say • Dettol – antiseptic • Liril- freshness • The way the people associated with it are different from product to product because brands make a difference in product differentiation and segmentation of the market  For time being assume ‘something’ as subjective in nature (Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions)
  3. 3. Examples  In real life situation people are getting confused with the products and     brands because of their stronger association with the brand which can be analyzed easily with the few examples. If I get wounded the first thing that comes to my mind is actually I need adhesive bandage but I was so strongly associated with the brand when I get a cut I say BAND AID instead of saying ADHESIVE BANDAGE On one side this is a positive sign for the company, but at the same time even it has its own negative effect E.g. a person got wounded he used adhesive bandage( as he is so strongly associated with band aid) he call every adhesive bandage as band aid after using this my finger got infected due to this I have to undergo a surgery where my finger is removed.. His father turns up on TV and say my son used band aid it infected him this automatically has a great negative impact on the sales. He cannot go for product line extension with same name because of stronger association
  4. 4. Contd.  Another is XEROX when we really mean to photocopy  Bubble wrap when we mean cushioning  Chap stick when we mean lip balm  Coke when are referring to any soft-drink or soda in general  Google when we mean looking up something in search engine  Pampers when we mean diapers  Ziplocs bags when we refer to any type of reusable, re-sealable zipper type storage bags  Finally that something is the strong association with the brand and they are so strongly associated with the brands ( even after market segmentation and product differentiation) they fail to call product either with generic name or brand name .
  5. 5. Brand transparency  Transparency is fundamentally about trust