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BlogItSA! Storytelling


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Alternative Storytelling updated for BlogItSA! Conference at Geekdom, sponsored by Geekdom, ZippyKid and SiliconHIllsNews

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BlogItSA! Storytelling

  1. 1. Alternative Storytelling Devices By L.A. Lorek Silicon Hills News BlogItSA! Sponsored by Geekdom, ZippyKid, SiliconHillsNews
  2. 2. “So forget about blogs and bloggers andblogging and focus on this — the costand difficulty of publishing absolutelyanything, by anyone, into a globalmedium, just got a whole lot lower. Andthe effects of that increased pool ofpotential producers is going to be vast.” - Clay Shirky
  3. 3. Top Storytelling Devices• Storify• Youtube• Slideshare• Google Search Stories• Animoto• Tumblr• Pinterest• Cinch• ImageThink• Cartoons like the Oatmeal••• Prezi
  4. 4. Emerging Technologies Some are still in beta testing• InfoActive• Meograph•• Givit• Splenvid