Magazine Analysis


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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Skyline Masthead Coverlines. Main image And lead Exclusive Mast head- This masthead is used because its bright and stands out against the back ground. They have also colour co-ordinated it with the costume in which the lead is wearing. This masthead is used on every addition of rave so it becomes instantly recognised as Rave. The masthead is also made large and to cover a large area of the magazine so it stands out. Cover lines- These are used to tell you about various other stories with in the magazine to draw attention to these. These are usually to get you intreasted in the story so that you read it. In this case things such as ‘Amas all Khan’s youngest protégé is used’ Exclusive- This is a one off edition for the augaust launch that ties in with the holiday season. People are more likely to buy this as there on the way to the airport as a read as they’ll want to read about the holiday season. The main image takes center stage and covers most of the front cover this image is to be of intreast to the reader and draw attention to the magazine in this case Fergie is used as a popular singer to help sell the magazine to fit in with the holiday and summer theme of the magazine she wears a blue bikini and is coming out of a birthday cake also drawing at the idea of a party season.
  2. 2. Skyline- This is additional information at the top of the magazine to catch the eye of the reader. This often also gives an idea of what will be in the magazine in this case it is telling the reader that with in this magazine are the places to party for new years eve. Values- of this magazine are likely to be that women with in our society are encouraged to dress in little cloths and are also encouraged to pose in sexually seductive ways. Asperations- of this magazine is to enourage younge males to buy the magazine to view sexually sudective imagers of Furgie with in the magazine and maby encourage them to look for girl friends like Fergie. Life style- this magazine is likely to appeal to people with in the party life style likely to be younge and have little response ability probably also in to fashion. Masthead Sky line Menu Main Image Free item Bar code and price. Cover lines
  3. 3. Mast head- This mask head is to let the reader know instantly what magazine they are reading. The mask head is usually the same in every addition of Kerang this helps to build up recognisability. This mask head is also big and uses the black of white technique to make it really stand out. The mask head also appears to be matched to the same colour/ shade that the main images cloths are wearing. The skyline This is to give extra information at the top of this magazine. This is in a pink to stand out against the black and white mask head and also goes with the other pink segments on the front cover. Main image- The main image takes up a large amount of the front cover this image is meant to catch the attension of the reader and also appeal to the reader. In the case Kerang has used a rock artist to illustrate the rock image of Kerang. The cover lines- These tell you various clips of stories that are going to be in the magazine. These get the protential customers intreasted and hopefully then make them want to buy the magazine to read it. In the case of Karang the cover lines are the first few of the 25 rock artists who changed ‘your’ world. Menu- is a selection of imagers from various different pages of the magazine to intreast the reader this is usually on the left third of the magazine to catch the attention of the reader and again to draw the reader in to the magazine. This also does have some text on the menu how ever this is usually minimalistic. In the case of Kerang these imagers are imagers that are relevant to the rock theme of Karang the pictures are of more rock artists and some people at a rock party re enfourceing the theme of the Karang magazine. Free item- a give away with the magazine to encourage protential customers to buy the magazine. This give away is also usually relavant to the magazine (something that the reader of the magazine will be intreasted in.) In kerang it is a free down load of a rock concert. Bar code and price- These are just simple requirements of any magazine so that it is saleable and so that protential customers can know the price and buy the magazine if they so wish. Values- The values are kerang are likely to be more along the lines of freedom and encouragement to break traditional norms and values. With possible encouragement of self expression this is show in the main image as the model is not wearing main stream fashion items and is wearing more cloths associated with self expression. Asperations- The asperations of this magazine is to encourage people into expressing them self’s mostly threw rock but not nessaserily being main stream and inderviduality. Life style- The life style of people buying and reading kerang is likely to be rockers/ people into rock music. Also the people buying this magazine are probably into self expression, the colour scheme also tends to suggest a possible emo influence so it is possible that emos may buy this magazine.
  4. 4. Mask Head Main image Contents page- NME magazine follows threw out there magazine with the NME masthead this is to remain consistant and again to build up recognisability to NME. In addition to the consistant masthead they in addition add to it by calling it the NME contence page this help the reader to know what page they are viewing is, NME choose to have this large so it is easy for the reader to notice it when they are flicking threw the magazine. NME also use the colour scheme with in the mast head the same as they do on the front but the additional information of the contence word is then white on black backing this again makes it stand out to the reader almost instantly. The main image on the NME magazine follows again on closely to the one of that on the front cover again by showing an artist with individuality this will intreast the NME readers as they like There music and are likely to be keen on individuality there for these artists should usually interest the reader. The main image on the contence page takes up a large amount of space compeared to any other feature on the magazine.
  5. 5. The Band index on the left is long and list’s many pages with in the magazine this is also in the colour red and it is also on the left third of the magazine. This shows that NME are indepth and think cearfully about there magazine. The Fact that it is on the left third means that it is likely to stick out and that people are likely to read it. The red text makes it stand out and also helps it to appear important. This also has black text next to it on a white background which tells you what page the article in red is on the black on white writing effect also helps this to stand out. Under the main image is a article that NME feel is important or would appeal to the reader more than some of the others might. It can be assumed this on as the title for the article is in bold block capitals and the page number at the end of the name of the article is in red to make it really jump out at the reader and gives emphasis to the number. Then in addition to this a small part of the article is underneath this in large sized text. At the bottom there is an advert to subscribe to the NME magazine this is done at a special offer price and uses white and yellow on black backing to really make it stand out. The right hand colum gives slightly more high lighted or recommended pages. These are sub divided into sections this is done by white text on black back ground text this is bigger than the information below it this is done to make it stand out. Also on this colum are two red backed boxes with white and yellow text these colours are chosen to be eye catching and to grab readers attension as well as to be informative. Main image Pull quote
  6. 6. This contents page is a very simplistic yet effective one it uses the simplistity of the poster style for its contents page. It has a large main image of four bad members relivant to its readers tastes in music. The image used by this magazine is four men belonging to a band these men may have a certain degree of sexual attraction to certain reader of this magazine this may help to increase sales of the magazine especially to the female protential customers. The cloths they are wearing suggest a laid back approach towards life and the cloths are mainly toned down this may indercate that the readers are likely to be the more relaxed people in life and like to take things easy. On this main image there are two main desgine features these are: -One is the pull quote with a red backing and white text with in this the read backing this desgine feature is used to again really make the text grap the attension of protential customers and to draw them in. -Secondly is the sub image that is in the right this is of another member of a famous band relavent to what the reader of the magazine would like on this main image is the rock sound date this is likely to be of intreast to reader of the magazine as they are likely to be intreasted in the rock genrer of music. This is made to stick out by having a white backing to the image as well as being an picture of intreast to the reader. The text is then made to further draw attension by the big white backing and black text over the center of the image The heading for the magazine ‘main features’ follows the theme of the magazine by having the title for the page in a read backed rectangle with white bold text at an angle, this results in increeced for recognisability. This is a good template to have with the red backing and the white text as this is good for drawing attention. Below the main heading for the contents page is the main contents/ exclusive pages this is done in a ‘fun’ yet effective way it uses the larger red numbers to make it quick and easy to find the page number and helps to draw attention to the contents. The magazine then uses bold block capital text for the main head line of the article and then uses a cartoon ‘fun’ font for the more detail underneath this to give it a ‘fun’ appeal to it. Over this entire contents page is of simple desgine but has key features which make it a successful contents page.
  7. 7. Main heading Pull quotes Main image Double page spreads are used for articals that may have increeced intreast to the reader than prehabs those that only cover one page. These articals usually are the ones refered to on the front cover or as exclusives on the contents page. The colour scheme for this double page spread is different shades of greens with black and white text on top of this. The shades of green for the backing appear to be mostly toned down shades going with the more relaxed and mellow feel of the magazine this also matches the rock theme of the magazine. This colour scheme is also good as it avoids any areas of white space. In the top left hand corner a brighter bolder green is used for the text on one of the two pull quotes on this article this stands out against the shuttle shades of green used for the background this also graps instant reader attention. Next to this is the main heading for the article ‘ALLL TIME LOW’ this is done in a very big and bold way to instantly draw the attension of the readers eye. This is achived by the heading being in a big, bold font type as well as being in block capitals, in addition to this there is an added on text in a cartoon like or free had font this again is in a darker green layered over the bold black text making it stick out and grab attention . The main article its self is in small text in the right hand corner of the magazine this has very little desgine features other than its position in the right top corner and its extra large bubble writing like a to get the readers attention and make them continue reading the article.
  8. 8. The bottom half of the double page spread is a large image of the rock band the article is about this covers a large amount of space showing that it is lagely important. The image is very relavants to the magazine and article because this magazine is for people into the rock gender of music and because the picture is directly relavant to the article. As well as this the magazine has used this picture previously on the contents page showing this band must be having a large effect on the magazine or rock music at this point in time. Lastly the last pull quote uses a darker green backing with white text this again is mainly to draw readers attention and to give clip its from the article to make you want to read the full article. All this combined makes a successful eye catching double page spread to try and catch the readers attention. Main Pull quote image Standfirst Drop cap
  9. 9. Double page spreads are used for articles that may have increased interest to the reader than prefabs those that only cover one page. These articles usually are the ones referred to on the front cover or as exclusives on the contents page. The colour scheme for this magazine double mage spread is very simplistic and has a resemberlance to a poster like style. It uses white new paper like back ground colour with black text and a large image covering most of the left hand side. Main image- The main image is relevant to what the reader are intreasted in this case main stream/ pop music and the artists of this genre. The image also goes very well with the pull quote as it is saying how people think of her as an attention seeker and in the picture she has her hair messed up and a very attension seeking outfit and face on too. The fact that the picture takes up half the page means that it is important and there for is also likely to draw the readers attention towards it. Pull quote- unusually the pull quote on this double page spread is large and takes up a large proportion on the left page this pull quote is done in a style that all so matches the ‘don’t care’ attitude as it is made to look like letters have been cut out of a magazine and stuck onto a piece of paper. This pull quotes main purpose is to draw attention. Stand first this is like a brief snip of the story to get the reader intreasted in the article so that they read it this part of the article is always slightly bigger than the rest of the article and often has highlighted parts of text with in it to grab the readers attention. Drop cap- The drop cap is a stylistic feature used in many double page spreads.