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Rhythmic poems for pre-school children


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Rhythmic poems for pre-school children to be recited with actions

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Rhythmic poems for pre-school children

  1. 1. Rhythmic poems for pre-school children Lalit Kishore, CULP-NGO 1. Days of the Week Speak aloud, please speak/Seven days in a week// Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday/ Thursday and Friday// Then week-end comes, / Saturday and Sunday // Monday, Tuesday/ Wednesday, Thursday/ Friday, Saturday/ Sunday is a holiday // 2. All the Day We are walking-walking-walking/ All the day(2) / we are walking-walking-walking/ Far away-far away // We are running // We are jumping // We are hopping // We are dancing // We are singing // We are seeing // 3. Frog Frog-frog-frog/Jump like a frog // Jump-jump-jump / Jump like a frog // Frog-frog-frog/ Hop like a frog // Hop-hop-hop / Hop like a frog//
  2. 2. Frog -frog-frog/ Turn like a frog // Turn-turn-turn/ Turn like a frog // Frog-frog-frog/ Croak like a frog // Croak-croak-croak/ Croak like a frog // 4. At Do a Little Sing-sing-sing/ Sing a little // Hum-hum-hum/ Hum a little // Sing a little, hum a little / Do this every day // Talk, talk, talk/ Talk a little // Eat, eat, eat / Eat a little // Talk a little, eat a little/ Do it every day // Smile-smile-smile/ Smile a little// Laugh-laugh-laugh/ Laugh a little // Smile a little, laugh a little / Do it every day // 5. Elephant Elephant-elephant/Raise your trunk // Raise-raise-raise/ Raise your trunk/ Elephant-elephant/Sway your body// Sway- sway-sway/Sway your body// Elephant-elephant/ Thump your foot // Thump-thump-thump/ Thump you foot // Elephant- elephant/ Fan your ears // Fan-fan-fan/ Fan your ears // Elephant-elephant/Swing your tail // Swing-swing-swing/ Swing your tail //
  3. 3. 6. Pussy Cat Pussy cat, pussy cat/ What do you do? (2)// Mew-mew-mew/ That's what I do // Little child, little child/ What do you do ? (2) / Ha-ha-ha / That's what I do // 7. Body Parts Ten little fingers/Open your fingers/Close your fingers/It’s done, it’s done, it’s done // Ten little toes/Rise on your toes/Walk on your toes. It’s done, it’s done, it’s done // Two little ears/ Cup your ears/ Close your ears/ Its done, its done, its done // Ten little fingers/ Ten little toes// Two little ears/ And one little nose //