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Pushkar hosts three-day training on remedial teaching


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Pushkar hosts three-day training on remedial teaching

Published in: Education
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Pushkar hosts three-day training on remedial teaching

  1. 1. Pushkar hosts three- day training on remedial teaching Lalit Kishore A three- day remedial teaching for rural adolescent girls of grades 8 to 10 for the functionaries of Educate Girls organisation commenced on February 11 at Pushkar in which 18 assorted educational functionary participated to learn about the skills of web-charting; dual coding; outlining and graphics which the presumption the course has been covered in the schools and gaps are to filled by empowering the learners through experiences in process of learning. “For remedial teaching, the learning gaps can be best bridged through identifying the hard spots of learning and imparting the read-to-learn skills based on information processing techniques of accessing and sorting relevant information and its reorganization,” said Dr Lalit KIshore of CULP, a resource person assisted by Sudhir Upadhayaya, Naresh Sharma and Seema Sharma. The first day was devoted to imparting experiences in the skills and the other two days were utilized in undergoing the subject-wise practice in the identified skills; guided production of learning exemplary material and its transaction.