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Intervening with autistic child at home


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Intervening with autistic child at home

Published in: Education
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Intervening with autistic child at home

  1. 1. Intervening with autistic child at home Lalit Kishore Avika – an 11 year old differently abled cheerful autistic child (ASD child) – is partially developed in her ADL skills. She can do scribbling with fair grasp on pencil; recognise and match numbers up to 4; respond to some basic verbal prompts; and colour shapes with strokes. Her mother brought Avika to Disha for consultations since she being tuaght by the mother at home. With any change in envionment or presence of outsiders, she becomes less interested in learning and doing an activity when instructed. Mother was interested about Avika’s further academic learning and wanted to know what should be done with Avika at home. It seemed that Avika’s learning can be systematized with mother as an interventionist-teacher for the time being. A suggested successive drawing of an almirah or cupboard is given below Intervention: What to do next? An intervention around cupboard may be developed Avika recognizes this object at home and is interested in it.  Learning sheets be prepared that must include flash cards for sight vocabulary  Multi-modal learning with visual intelligence as the base needs to be attempted  Multi-sensory experience of cupboard be provided  Activity of daily life of opening, closing, cleaning and arranging the cupboard be provided  Cut–and-paste and tear-and-paste activity should be done to get the shape of cupboard  Staggered micro-learning be attempted  Number 1 to 5 should be mastered after pre-number activities  Addition concept with objects after mastery on five numbers be taken up  Formalize cognitive development through activity and worksheets.