Point, shoot and educate using qr codes to inform your patrons


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Presentation given at Iowa Library Association Annual Conference, October 14, 2011

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  • Survey the room[Decode the QR Code]
  • An example closer to (your home) – Brooklyn Public LibraryThe enterprising Nate Hill has created a database of 60 QR Codes then encode the contact and address details for all branches of the Public library.The QR Codes are freely available from his blog, and they are being used in flyers and other materials to promote the library around the city.
  • Point, shoot and educate using qr codes to inform your patrons

    1. 1. Point, Shoot and Educate:Using QR Codes to Inform Your Patrons Malavika Shrikhande St. Ambrose University Library, Davenport, IA and Louise Alcorn Reference Technology Librarian West Des Moines Public Library 121st Iowa Library Association Conference Council Bluffs, Iowa October 2011
    2. 2. Apologies, I could not make it to the conference. ----------------------- A big thank you to Louise for helping with the presentation!!!Malavika Shrikhande St. Ambrose University Library
    3. 3. What are QR Codes? QR codes were developed in 1994 by Denso-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary. Originally used for logistics.Two dimensional barcode that can be decoded and read using a web-enabled mobile device with a camera.
    4. 4. What Can QRCodes Do?A phone equipped with a camera and QRCode reader can• Add Contact details to your phone• Initiate a call from your cell• Offer to send a Text SMS to someone(including the phone user)• Present some textual information onyour cell• If you have web access, the QR codecan Link to a URL
    5. 5. Sharing food recipesLinks to special offers Cereal boxes They are everywhere these days!! Business cards Property listings Advertisements
    6. 6. Hands up! Who has a cell phone with a camera? Who can read this QR Code with their cell? Has anyone read a QR Code on their phone?Has anyone created a QR Code for their library?
    7. 7. Opportunity? Younger students and readers use their cell phones a lotCell Phone Applications: Summary of Use Frequently/Occasionally 2nd Edition Millennials Xers Boomers Matures % % % % %Digital camera (still pictures) 63 80 75 49 32Text messaging 61 86 75 44 15Games 44 65 55 28 11Video camera 41 56 52 29 12Internet access 35 45 46 25 11Email 32 42 40 24 12Music Download 29 48 36 15 3MP3 player 27 45 33 12 4Download additional games from online 24 37 32 14 3Watch professionally created content (TV, 19 26 26 12 5 movies, news)Watch user-generated videos (like YouTube) 18 28 21 12 2GPS (global positioning service) 12 16 18 8 3
    8. 8. Introducing QR codes in Libraries Three (or a two) step process 1 Introduce QR codes 2 Educate on how to use them 3 Create and use
    9. 9. Introduce & Educate1. Information on the library website about QR codes2. How to use them- scan to get more information3. How can they help- saves time of the patron & library staff,4. What can they do- more information on library items, books on stacks, connect collections to services & vice versa… etc.5. Promote them- website, newsletter, posters, blogAt St. Ambrose University Library we are brainstorming on usingQR codes in a fun, useful and interesting ways. Some examplesat the end.
    10. 10. Create & use QR codesCreate1. Many free QR code creators online (some allow to convert short text too)- http://qrcode.kaywa.com/- http://www.qrstuff.com/ …and many more2. Url shortners & QR code creators- http://bit.ly/ (add .qr to the shortened url to get the code)- http://goo.gl/ (also generates a url with a code)3. To customize, you can add design, logo to QR code. Do not blockthe three squares or else the code will not scan. You need 1.Smartphone, iPad etc. 2.Download Apps to read QR codes 3.Steady hand while clicking the QR code
    11. 11. QR @St. Ambrose University Library Create & embed a QR code url in a tweetConnecting collections(inserting QR codes within abook/DVD to connect with themovie- e.g. Help-book = Helpmovie CD) Yes, you can create QR codes in any color!! library staff directory (http://library.sau.edu/depts/STAFF.HTM)
    12. 12. Brooklyn Public Library Arlington Branch Details • All 60 Branches of Brooklyn Public Library available as QR code for embedding into promotional materials and flyersBrighton Beach Branch Details •Spreading the word about their libraries and making it easy to get in contact http://natehill.wordpress.com/2008/07/ 27/the-physical-internet-10-at-not-your- library/
    13. 13. QR @St. Ambrose University Library Edible Banned Book Contest 2011 Link to contest website on table tents and poster to promote the event. New Titles at the SAU Library (monthly) QR code generated for the monthly listings. Web link to the monthly blog entry is also included.
    14. 14. http://bit.ly/qPxQ7X ContraCosta County Library and Bus
    15. 15. Future uses… Wrist ID bands to scan QR for, -giveaways, “Human hyperlink” = -scavenger hunt clues, -purchase bands for a cause and lead them to a website for more etc. Image via New York Times Promote mobile library Image from Scoopit.it via Google Images Stencils - announce events, website and catalog - Directions to Library on campus, - Scavenger hunt clues Image via brandchannel.comQR onlibrarybookmarks. Linkto more libraryhelp. Showcase databases QR code on periodically rooftops… & link to more literally. Aim to be ‘seen’ on Art work displayed in our features of the database to a QR Google Earth/Maps. library. A huge marketing Enhance the experience by providing the artist, art code. component for all information in the form of a QR code. libraries.
    16. 16. Questions, Any thoughts you would like to share… Malavika Shrikhande St. Ambrose University Library E-mail: ShrikhandeMalavikaD@sau.edu Phone: 563-333-6468 Twitter:Thanks to you all and a very big Thank you to Louise!! @SAULib LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/malavikashrikhande
    17. 17. Louise’s Contact Info – Thank You!