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  1. 2. Last chapter: Emilian (finally) met Lily; Aidan Callum and Hanzi continued the fights, but made up next to the final of the chapter; Crystal killed Melanie and started having nightmares about it. Fonso found out and spent quite a long time without talking to her; Emilian got engaged to Lily; Fonso and Crystal became engaged shortly after that; & Hanzi met a cheerleader.
  2. 3. “ So, you were saying, the other day… What’s the secret?” Aidan Callum asked. He couldn’t even imagine what it was and preferred to focus on the game to ease the curiosity.
  3. 4. “ I would prefer to talk to the whole family, instead. Just wait until we’re back to Pleasant View” Actually, Fonso couldn’t wait to tell his family what Crystal did, so that she could be forgiven and stopped having nightmares. The same naïve little boy he had always been… ***
  4. 5. The greek house was so glitched, I had to move them back on the dorms. Also, I had to delete all my CC clothing, so there’s going to be new clothes from now on.
  5. 6. Aidan and Hanzi were finally enjoying being related. Pillow fights and other fun games were making them somewhat closer. ***
  6. 7. “ Are you okay? Have you been sleeping well?” Emilian asked, concerned with his friend’s mental state. “I think she is, no need to interrupt her studies there, Emilian”
  7. 8. Meanwhile, Jaelle was trying to focus on her term paper. Her grades had been horrible, and she was trying to improve.
  8. 9. “ How are you today, sunshine?” “I’m finally sleeping well. I don’t think you need to tell your family. They won’t accept me!” “They deserve to know who killed Melanie and they will” ***
  9. 10. Jaelle took Jonas Brito out for a date down town. He was a great kisser and she liked being with him.
  10. 11. Of course, she got to know other men too. “Look Derek*, a camera!” *Derek is the plotting down townie from Jules' legacy (My favorite things: The Legacy) ***
  11. 12. “ It must be amazing, to marry the first person you fall in love with…” “Do you still love Melanie?” Crystal asked, clearing her throat as she said Melanie’s name. For some reason, it sounded so weird.
  12. 13. “ No. I now realize that I never loved her. Whatever killed her, probably won’t hurt me when I find out” Without saying another word, Fonso hugged his fiancée. Trying to show her that she would be forgiven. ***
  13. 14. Esmeralda knew the day had come. She was going to purpose to the person she found most suitable and she would like it.
  14. 15. Dressed up in formal clothes, she got into the cab to down town. Her future was there, waiting for her.
  15. 16. “ We’ve been best friends for a while now and you were the first person not rejecting my friendship when I got here. Thanks for accepting me, even if I’m part of a legacy family.” “Oh, just shut up Esme. You know I’m here forever”
  16. 17. Forever. That word had never sounded so true. “As a friend?” She asked, now wishing for the right answer. “As whatever you want me to be”
  17. 18. “ I want you forever. I think I…” “You love me… I know it”
  18. 19. “ I do.” She said, right before kissing him.
  19. 20. Some minutes after Flavio and Esmeralda’s first kiss, she went inside the café to request a table.
  20. 21. That woman looks extremely familiar to me…
  21. 22. Without even realizing the danger she was in, Esmeralda kept on eating with her mouth full. Her childhood habits were still there.
  22. 23. The habits that Flavio would have to ignore for the rest of their life.
  23. 24. I could and should go there. I have to know who she is.
  24. 25. “ Hello. I wonder-” “Careful, I’m coming through” the waitress abruptly interrupted Mortimer.
  25. 26. Luckily for Esmeralda, Fadey was there.
  26. 27. “ We told you to step away years ago.” Fadey said, angry. “Shut up, you green moron. I’m a Goth and I can do whatever I want around here” “I don’t get it. If you don’t want the legacy to be complete, why did you tell Evangeline to start it?”
  27. 28. “ Because I hate simselves and other creatures like you. I don’t want the Goth blood mixed up with David and Lily’s blood” “Oh, shut up old bag. You don’t know what you’re talking about!”
  28. 29. Without saying another word to Fadey, Mortimer went home. He had said too much.
  29. 30. Meanwhile, Esmeralda had been trying to find the guts to do what she had to do.
  30. 31. Flavio accepted the proposal and was glad to be engaged to his best friend and probably love of his life.
  31. 32. Esmeralda, however, was afraid that she hadn’t done the right thing. She was in love with him, but the idea of being taken was so strange…
  32. 33. She drunk some water so that Flavio couldn’t see her face clearly and obligated herself to smile for the rest of the evening.
  33. 34. When she got home, she ran to Jaelle to tell her the news.
  34. 35. Jaelle didn’t take the news too well and felt a little insecure. She didn’t want to lose her best friend to a man.
  35. 36. It was official. For the first time in many years, the girls were mad at each other.
  36. 37. Jaelle just couldn’t stand the idea of being married. She was so ready to be egotist and not complete her father’s wish… And now it was the only way to be happy. ***
  37. 38. “ Wait a minute, why are you wearing a suit?” The cheerleader asked. Hanzi was quite uncomfortable with wearing these type of clothes, but he was supposed to do something very formal that evening.
  38. 39. “ Don’t worry Flor, you’re beautiful in that cheerleader dress” “Does it make you horny?” “Oh, you’re so inappropriate,” clearing his throat “of course it does!”
  39. 40. Right after they walked through the door, they kissed and ignored the mocking looks that seemed to be pointing out their differences.
  40. 41. <ul><li>I feel your fever From miles around I'll pick you up in my car And we'll paint the town Just kiss me baby And tell me twice That you're the one for me </li></ul>
  41. 42. <ul><li>I like the feelin' you're givin' me Just hold me baby and I'm in ecstasy Oh I'll be workin' from nine to five To buy you things to keep you by my side I never felt so in love before Just promise baby, you'll love me forevermore I swear I'm keepin' you satisfied 'Cause you're the one for me </li></ul>
  42. 43. The evening was being amazing for both of them. After singing The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson, they kissed (again) and showed everyone how in love they were.
  43. 44. “ I know we’ve been together for a month and a half, but I love you already. We’re like the moon and the sun, and our differences have brought us together. I like to believe it’s forever…”
  44. 45. “ I believe it’s forever, Hanzi” the girl whispered. That evening shouldn’t end.
  45. 46. “ Marry me, Florbela Lisbon, I beg you”
  46. 47. “ I say yes” ***
  47. 48. It had been a long tiring day for Crystal. After a pillow fight with Esmeralda – much to Jaelle’s dismay -, she told everyone she was going to rest and went to her bedroom.
  48. 49. As soon as she walked through the door, the visions started again. It was becoming painful again. Seeing Melanie’s face, hearing her name…
  49. 50. “ Oh, what have I done, Fonso? I should have done things differently… I know it!”
  50. 51. Looking at his picture, she couldn’t help but cry. She didn’t deserve a man like him.
  51. 52. Whipping her tears away as she heard foot steps, she looked back and saw Fonso. Fuck, I must be screaming again!
  52. 53. “ Fonso, I want to change.” Crystal said, hugging her fiancé.
  53. 54. “ We have to tell them, Crystal. That’s the only way to ease that regret of yours” “I don’t wanna.”
  54. 55. “ We can always run away together, if they judge you too hard” ***
  55. 56. It was a graduation day, and Aidan wanted to surprise McKenzie. Ladies love flowers.
  56. 57. “ I loved the flowers,” she said, pulling Aidan into a tight hug “and I love you”
  57. 58. After that day, they’d live together forever. Both of them were very happy about it. After Melanie’s death, he had learned to treasure the precious moments he had with McKenzie. ***
  58. 59. <ul><li>Being in a party, the girls just smustled away all afternoon long. </li></ul>
  59. 60. “ Can you believe it? After this shower, I’m going to be an adult” “Thank God, you’re moving outta my way. I can’t let Flor hang out around you”
  60. 61. “ Shut up you moron, McKenzie satisfies me!” And with that, Aidan Callum left college and begun a life on his own. ***
  61. 62. “ Can we make up? I’ll try to feel happy for you. I put my life in this promise” Jaelle said, she just wanted to be with her best friend forever.
  62. 63. Esmeralda nodded and added “Why of course. And we’re still gonna do what we always wanted to do” ***
  63. 64. Since the kids were all graduating, Esmeralda was in charge of the finding a placeholder mission.
  64. 65. And Emilian was celebrating his graduation alone, since Fonso would stay in the house with Crystal.
  65. 66. Hanzi and his precious Flor were enjoying their last college days together.
  66. 67. … and the twins were saying their goodbyes in a nice, old-school way.
  67. 68. That was all right before Emilian’s transition, and the end of the party. ***
  68. 69. “ I just think it’s so cute that you’re staying here with your girlfriend, Fonso” “I think that’s because she has mental issues” Jaelle said. Her dislike towards Crystal was becoming bigger and bigger. They just couldn’t control it anymore.
  69. 70. Later that night, Fonso hugged his girlfriend and assured her that everything would be okay and begged her not to insult Jaelle back. He knew his sister would back off eventually. ***
  70. 71. Esmeralda soon graduated.
  71. 72. And Fonso left shortly after her. ***
  72. 73. Without Fonso the days felt like nothing and the only thing Crystal could do to forget it was playing some poker games with her friends.
  73. 74. Namely with Felisberto, their placeholder.
  74. 75. The guy was nothing but a trouble maker. Changing his grades and being caught almost every time he did so. ***
  75. 76. Jaelle was feeling nervous that morning. She was graduating soon and she needed to be engaged by the end of the semester.
  76. 77. Looking through her room, she recalled Esmeralda’s face and their years of friendship. If she wanted their plans to come reality, she needed to do this.
  77. 78. She finally gained courage and marked the number.
  78. 79. It was a rushed proposal, but luckily Jonas Brito accepted. They were getting married. Now all she needed was to be happy.
  79. 80. They graduated that night. Hanzi and Jaelle had never been apart. That was their final day as twin siblings.
  80. 81. They did their final dance and said goodbye. Forever.
  81. 82. “ Everything is packed. Don’t forget to call me when you get home, okay? I’ll live right next to you.” “Love you Sis. I’m sorry I never got to tell you” Jaelle just smiled. All those happy childhood memories were coming to an end – and she was getting married.
  82. 83. This is where I leave you guys. Hopefully you loved this as much I did.