Admirable New World - Until You're Mine (chapt 4)


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Admirable New World - Until You're Mine (chapt 4)

  1. 1. Welcome back, dearest reader. I know, another cover with a blonde, blue eyed kid right? How original.
  2. 2. Before we get started, I owe you guys a recap: Aidan Callum was already at college and in the last chapter, the other 5 joined him. Before the other kids went to college, Evangeline had a vision in which Cassandra and Kayllynn had died. The legacy founders are now elders and Hanzi was the only one to get a girlfriend while he was a teenager.
  3. 3. Being alone with creeps is starting to piss me . Aidan and his bad temper. He was right, though. He couldn’t wait until the twins got there. Then it’d be the whole college experience. Party, Girls.. HA! The good life…
  4. 4. “ Hey, Mckenzie? It’s Aidan Callum here. I saw you on the school directory and I’d really love to hang out. Call me!”
  5. 5. “ Are you McKenzie?”, Aidan asked quite scared. Truth be told, he didn’t remember her face. “No, you freak. Do I look like Mckenzie to you? Oh, I’m like so much better!”
  6. 6. “ You have got to be Mckenzie” This time I hope I get it right. I don’t want to be calling Mckenzie to each and every girl on campus. “Yes, I am. Nice to meet you” The girl responded, stunned by his charms. He was quite the ladies man, but hopefully, she’d get something from him.
  7. 7. Five minutes later, Mckenzie was falling into Aidan’s arms. It was so easy to fall in love with a stranger… Specially a stranger with blonde hair.
  8. 8. Life wasn’t all about getting laid and waiting for the twins was a painful experience for Aidan. Fortunately, the day had come. ***
  9. 9. Before getting settled, before even getting changed, the twins carefully thought about a plan to scare Aidan.
  10. 10. Thankfully, Aidan soon left for his class and the boys were able to go inside. “So, we go behind him like ‘boo’ and he’ll be like-” “Whatever, Fonso” ***
  11. 11. The twins had given up on the idea of scaring their older brother. Meanwhile, Emilian was having his own trouble. Don’t panic. It’s just an old lady, not a witch.
  12. 12. The next morning, Emilian decided to head down town for a coffee and maybe, possibly, to meet the simself he was supposed to marry.
  13. 13. “ I’m a simself. The simselves have a special aura, that you can feel when you’re next to them. You’ll have no trouble finding Lily” He recalled his father’s words. That lady was a simself, he was sure. He stepped forward and greeted her. “Hi, I’m Regina. How are you, legacy kid?” No, definitely not Lily. Maybe some other day.
  14. 14. He spent the whole day out and decided to take a swim before heading home for dinner. That was the day when Esmeralda would join them!
  15. 15. “ Hey Aidan! Who’s the chick?” Esmeralda, always the light of the house with her open spirit. “Can I join you guys or what?” ***
  16. 16. “ Hey, stop ignoring me. Look, you’re doing gymnastics! Forget it, I’m going to have dinner.”
  17. 17. Her first days at college were quite harsh. She kept being rejected, her brothers had other things to do than hang out with her…
  18. 18. “ We can be friends, though, can’t we?” “Yeah, sure. If you want to hang out with someone who wears a dress covered with babies it’s fine by me” “I’m not into responsible stuff. Although, I have to get married.”
  19. 19. “ As a matter of fact, you bore me to death. Pfft, ‘dress covered with babies’, as if I’m going to have babies” Great. It felt great to be the rejecter instead of the rejected. The game had just became slightly different.
  20. 20. Esmeralda wasn’t always so open minded. She was one to walk around on her undies, but if she saw a campus student nude, it was a complete shock.
  21. 21. “ Hey Gyps, Sis, Imma need this.” “Why are you talking like that?“ “I thought you gypsies, true gypsies, spoke like this”
  22. 22. The potion had a bad effect on Esmeralda, and she started seeing Mrs. Crumplebottom as a potential lover. Something wasn’t right, specially when the old lady felt so offended.
  23. 23. After the effect of the potion had passed, Esmeralda met Tiago. He was really poor and smelly, and she felt a connection with him. Not exactly a love connection, but they definitely shared a bound.
  24. 24. That bond must have been very special, because they shared the bed that night. Esmeralda was a undeniably a woman.
  25. 25. Jaelle, Hanzi and the hated girlfriend Melanie had arrived to college the day after Esmeralda’s adventure. And right after their arrival, they moved to the greek house. Jaelle was terribly sad for not having had her first kiss during her teenagehood.
  26. 26. “ Don’t be sad, broken hearted over something like this. My first kiss was yesterday! Can you believe it?” “R- realy?” She said, still sobbing. “Fo’ show, sis” Esmeralda and Jaelle were on in the same. If one was sad, the other one would be strong for both of them, and the other way around. ***
  27. 27. It was a boys’ night out, and Aidan didn’t seem to be pleased. He was supposed to see Mckenzie that night, if only his brothers haven’t brought him to that stupid club… He was trying to be faithful and investing everything about him into their relationship. If he went out, he wasn’t sure if he’d keep on being faithful. ***
  28. 28. Fonso met Crystal that night and fell in love. It might have seemed a little too soon, but he just wanted to get married and please his dad. He was such a sweetheart. ***
  29. 29. “ I think it was too soon, Fonso” Aidan stated. “I know, right? But I just want to make dad proud.” “Don’t we all? I have to marry someone I don’t even know, and you guys are complaining for such small things” It was frustrating for Emilian to hear that talk, when he was the one who could have his whole life screwed. ***
  30. 30. Emilian found Aidan looking rather sad and went to comfort him. “What’s wrong with you?” Their relationship was so much better than the one they had as children… They were best friends, nothing compared to those days of eternal fights.
  31. 31. He wanted to tell him, but he had never been good with words. He could tell his brother what was wrong, being comforted and find the strength to keep going. Why couldn’t he just do it? ***
  32. 32. “ I think she’s cheating on me” Hanzi said, trying not to get Melanie to hear him. “Oh, really? Who’d have thought.” “I mean, with one of our brothers… Aidan” “I don’t doubt it one bit, but try not to be an ass. We can’t be sure”
  33. 33. Regardless of what he knew was going on, they still had a good sex life. No problems or conversations. They just had bed time to them. Melanie seemed happy, but he wasn’t. ***
  34. 34. “ Can you believe it? He just told me she was cheating on him. I was, like, really? As if you didn’t know she’s a whore” When it came to gossip, these two beat everyone. They knew everything. “I would tell you who’s having sex with her that’s not her boyfriend, but then someone would hear me” “Na, we’re cool. Everyone is at school” “I think it’s Fonso. Crystal doesn’t seem to bed him” “She jacuzzed him, Esme. We can’t be sure.”
  35. 35. 20 minutes later Aidan and Melanie were pillow fighting and Jaelle was focused on them while fixing the computer. If they got suspicious, she’d tell Hanzi.
  36. 36. She was so focused that she got hurt.
  37. 37. Luckily, the family was there to assist her. ***
  38. 38. “ Hey love, wanna come over? I desperately need to see you”
  39. 39. “ How am I going to trust you from now on, Aidan? How could you?” A very disappointed Mckenzie said, nearly crying.
  40. 40. “ Stop apologizing, you don’t deserve my forgiveness. I tried, Aidan, I actually trusted you. If you love me, than take your time and show me. Right now, I can’t believe you” The sadness soon turned into anger, and Aidan was feeling smaller and smaller.
  41. 41. He knew what he had to do to show her. And he did it. Mckenzie and him were getting married. He wouldn’t cheat again, ever. ***
  42. 42. College was taking over Jaelle. She needed a break. Or a boyfriend… Or boyfriends! Everybody had a lover, she and Emilian rested loveless. ***
  43. 43. “ How dare you to use the same pjs as I do?” “Stop it, idiot. I know you’re doing Melanie behind my back. Quit it” Aidan was speechless. No one was supposed to know. Not even Mckenzie knew who was the person he made out with.
  44. 44. “ I know what you did, Melanie. Tell me why” No answer was heard. The girl was still asleep. Hanzi knew what he had to do, but he couldn’t.
  45. 45. When she woke up, Hanzi told her to go upstairs. He needed to tell her. “Look, I’m confused. I need to be away from you for a while.” “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll wait for you. Always. You know that? You know that right?!!” She was such a good actress. None of those words were true. “Look at the time, I better go!” ***
  46. 46. Outside, Aidan and Emilian were playing catch.
  47. 47. “ I gotta tell you a secret Fonso” Aidan hugged his brother, so he could hear him whispering. “I made out with Melanie the other day and Hanzi knows” “What? I made out with her too. I mean, she was the one who put her tongue into my mouth…”
  48. 48. Crystal heard. It wasn’t a secret for anyone. She had heard Jaelle talking to Esmeralda, but didn’t believe them… It was true. She had to do something. ***
  49. 49. “ Did you know that Aidan proposed to Mckenzie after telling her he cheated on her?” “And she accepted? What, is she crazy?” “Probably. Melanie sure is. Cheating on Hanzi with his 3 brothers” “Thank God we’re straight, right?” “You read my mind, sis” ***
  50. 50. Jaelle had finally found someone. Too bad she didn’t remember his name. Well, he satisfied her that afternoon. After that, she wouldn’t see him anymore.
  51. 51. She also met Lily, the woman Emilian was going to marry.
  52. 52. They quickly became good friends, and Jaelle promised she’d get to meet her brother really soon.
  53. 53. Baby, baby, baby from the day I saw you I really, really wanted to catch your eye there's something special 'bout you I must really like you 'cause not alotta guys are worth my time Oooh baby, baby, baby It's gettin kinda crazy 'cause you are takin over my mind And it feels like OooOooooOOo... U don't know my name I swear It feels like OooOooooOOo... U don't know my name (round and round and round we go) Will you ever know?
  54. 54. Here ends the chapter. With a romantic dance and an ironic song for the couple. Another chapter will be out soon, don’t worry. I only need a couple of pictures. Thanks for reading.