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496410459 黃茜筠


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496410459 黃茜筠

  1. 1. The Snowman Story and Illustration by Raymond Brigg
  2. 2. One day morning, a little boy wakes up.
  3. 3. He sees it is snowing outside.
  4. 4. He is excited and can’t wait to go out.
  5. 5. The little boy plays with nobody but himself.
  6. 6. So he makes a cute snowman.
  7. 7. He wants to draw the face for snowman.
  8. 8. His mother calls him to go home to have the dinner.
  9. 9. He can’t take his eyes off the snowman.
  10. 10. In the midnight, the snowman magically moves .
  11. 11. The snowman and the little boy play together happily.
  12. 12. The snowman takes the little boy to his home.
  13. 13. He sees many snowmen and also a Santa Claus.
  14. 14. They really have a good time.
  15. 15. Before sun raise, the snowman says good-bye to the little boy.
  16. 16. He gives him a present, scarf.
  17. 17. They become good friends forever.
  18. 18. THE END