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Food on wheels flyer


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The Food on Wheels program i geared to help the hungry, homeless and displaced in our community.

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Food on wheels flyer

  1. 1. Food on Wheels Homeless Mobile Outreach Join us in ourmobile mission to feed the homeless, hungry and displacedfamilies. Help us today to end hunger in County.
  2. 2. When we stand up for the homeless and hungry, homelessnessand hunger Stands Down.
  3. 3. Give generously
  4. 4. Reach out to help make a difference in a Families lifeLet’s help to provide food for the lessfortunate, and put a smile on someone’sface. Change someones life with yourdonations.
  5. 5. It’s our responsibility to love our neighbors, they deserve to be havetheir needs met, until they can do better for themselves, there isplenty of food to go around, a person just needs to have money tobuy it. 3.5 million People experience homelessness in a given year inthe US , and in San Bernardino More than 2,800 homeless peoplewere counted in 2012 by County Homeless Partnership.Thank you for your contribution to the cause to end homelessnessand hungry.