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Intercept Presentation Qualipack

  1. 1. CORROSION INTERCEPT® Technology Protection for Ferrous and Non ferrous Metals Qualipack Logistics P Ltd Simply Better Protection
  2. 2. Corrosion Intercept Or Protecting your Investment and Your Product
  3. 3. CT Scanner Quick Pack Shroud and Base Sheet 5 Minute Pack Out Approved for Export Shipping Shrink Wrapping and Custom Covers
  4. 4. Types of corrosive gases • Nitrous Oxides (NOx) • Ozone (O3) - reactive oxygen • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Sulfur Dioxides (SO2) • Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) • Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) • Corrosive gases from wood offgassing
  5. 5. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group CORROSION INTERCEPT® CI is being used by a number of renowned companies. Intercept Advantages: • Environmentally-friendly (no migration of particles and elements) when used as directed • High effectiveness ( from –35°C to +80°C) • Long durability ( > 10 Years per mil of resin under average atmospheric conditions) • Protects all Ferrous- and Non-Ferrous metals, electronics, optics and plastics from atmospheric corrosion • Universally usable • Cost-effective
  6. 6. Function CI Products consist of special high surface area copper particles which are reacted into the polymer-matrix to create a new class of product with several protective functions: • Neutralization of corrosive gases present in the bag and migrating gases • Protection as an “Anode“ for electro-chemical processes • Natural function against Bio-Corrosion (copper is a passive mildewcide)
  7. 7. How Intercept Works
  8. 8. US Army TACOM (Tank, Automotive & Munitions Command) EVALUATION OF INTERCEPT BARRIER MATERIAL FOR MILITARY PACKAGING SALT-FOG Test Data Comparison <<<<< Days of protection against corrosion >>>>>>> Intercept VCI MIL-PRF-131 Metal coupon Poly Poly Foil / Poly 4-mil 4-mil 5-mil Steel 102 28 62 Aluminum 130 59 91 Brass 130 28 91 Zinc 97 59 77
  9. 9. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Workers‘ Safety & Environment - Intercept is not a VCI - There is no outgassing and there are no VOC issues related to Intercept - There are no restrictions for Intercept in regards to: - German Gov’t TRGS 615 – Intercept is compliant - RoHS - Intercept meets RoHS initiative in Europe - Fully reusable and recyclable as colored PE in Europe CORROSION INTERCEPT® was tested by NASA for contamination – certified for space-flight conditions
  10. 10. CI Benefits • Eliminates the need for oils, greases and solvents • Saves Labor dollars and time • Contains no volatile compounds • Provides long-term protection • Ease of application • Inexpensive compared to other products when considering all packaging costs
  11. 11. Intercept Stretch Wrap Benefits: • Corrosion Intercept may be wrapped over irregular shapes – flip the film over to get the film to tack closed • Corrosion Intercept acts as a moisture vapor barrier- preventing moisture from entering the package • Corrosion Intercept film may be adequate to hold the object on a pallet without additional packaging.
  12. 12. Corrosion Intercept film (far right) placed in an atmosphere containing chlorine performs significantly better than other packaging films (foil, blue poly, volatile corrosion inhibitor).
  13. 13. In addition to acting as a barrier to external atmospheric gases the Corrosion Intercept film scavenges any corrosive gases that might be enclosed in the air space inside the package. Corrosion Intercept also acts as a sacrificial anode and prevents cathodic corrosion. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group
  14. 14. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Many companies apply light oils, greases, Cosmoline or other protective coatings to protect the metal products while in storage or during shipping. Corrosion Intercept eliminates the need for these coatings, which may require removal by solvents at the customer site. Significant savings in purchasing coatings and the No Oils, Sprays, reduced labor requirements may VCI Paper or be realized. The customer does not have to spend hours cleaning VCI Sponges the equipment and use hazardous Required with solvents, which is a saving to them. Intercept!
  15. 15. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Spare Parts – Supply Chain Storage / Shipment Requested Protection Period: 2 weeks to 2 years Shipment of goods world-wide. Partially opening by customs. Dramatic climatic changes.
  16. 16. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Metals and Assemblies Bags / Stretch / Shrink
  17. 17. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Automobile Supply Chain & CKD Applications Problem: Partially long storage periods before or after shipment under climatically difficult circumstances. Application:STATIC INTERCEPT® and CORROSION INTERCEPT® Films as alternative to Foil, VCI and wax-paper. All components are protected equally well. Tests have been performed by leading companies under realistic conditions for the complete period of time required. Further: Products are recyclable as colored PE and no further protection (Oil, Wax, etc.) is needed besides sufficient amount of desiccants (16 Units/m³). Only one non-shelf-life material needed to stock.
  18. 18. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Tested by US Army Tank Command Picatinny Arsenal Easy Handling – High Protection – Cost Savings A replacement for Mil 131J Foil (TACOM)
  19. 19. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Applications – Cast Iron Engine Blocks Ford Motor Company (SA) Engine blocks – 12 Month Storage test – No corrosion
  20. 20. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group 1) Polyethylene bag 2) SI bag with Corex separator 3) Blocks head bank 4) Cylinder blocks (6) with down on Corex strips Desi Pak desiccant (4 sachets)
  21. 21. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group 5) Perforated Corex sheet 6) Blocks head bank up making 2nd separating layers layer. Desiccants added as per # 4 7) Corex sheet on top 8) Close and tap SI bag
  22. 22. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group 9) Close & tape plastic bag 10) Re-start the process on top layer separated by wooded sheet board 11) Complete double layer 12) Close bags as 8 & 9 - shrink wrap pallet
  23. 23. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Improvements seen Shipments to India and China changed to Intercept Padding was used to prevent punctures
  24. 24. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Ball Bearing Packs 3 Month Test – High Sulfur Environment In addition to being able to pack without Oils – the packaging helps prevent counterfeiting
  25. 25. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Applications – Ship Germany to Mexico ZF Lemförder
  26. 26. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Applications – BMW 15-Yr Storage BMW AG
  27. 27. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group APPLICATION – ENGINE MANIFOLDS SHIP CHINA TO US The use of Intercept bags has allowed these engine manifolds to be shipped from China to the US with no protective oil coating – no oil to be applied, no steam cleaning at receiving, no corrosion failures
  28. 28. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Demonstration: Foil
  29. 29. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Demonstration: Intercept Intercept Bag – Simply rolled over And taped Can be reused!
  30. 30. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group vs Foil Packaging Intercept Packaging 3 Minute pack 3 minute pack 4 Minutes 38 Seconds to Seal 20 Seconds to seal … more than 90% reduction in processing time !
  31. 31. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group … and of course better protection of the goods against corrosion; less damages due to opening of the package for customs checks; A clean and recyclable product, with less probability of injury.
  32. 32. Cost Initial pricing on the product is competitive with other standard materials, the overall project cost has always come out lower! In detailed tests the following parameters were recorded 1. Procurement 2. Cost of storage (shelf-life) 3. Handling (Time, secondary components, etc.) 4. Effective (recorded damage improvement) Intercept always came out cheaper than the competition, with superior performance!
  33. 33. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group TOTAL COST ANALYSIS  Recyclable as colored PE  Meets European initiatives for product safety  Safe for rubber and Polycarbonate storage  Eliminates the need and requirement for oils, sponges, VCI separator sheets, and the required cleaning after oil coating  The only material consented by BMW for long term storage – Most VCIs and Dry method storage are limited to under 3 years  We have long term data available
  34. 34. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Product Variety Gusseted-Bags Stretch and Shrinkfilm Bags (With and without closing) Flat-Film MVTR- and EMI-Film Injection Molded Products Corrugated (up to 2.94) CD-Protection Nylon-Bags Laminated Fabric for covers
  35. 35. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group
  36. 36. Copyright2004, Intercept Technology Group Service The Intercept Technology Group (ITG) together with our partner companies around the world will develop, with our own engineering and design capacities, tailor-made solutions for your individual needs. Technician and Application specialists are available in all regions (America, Africa, Asia and Europe). Shipment trials are recorded and evaluated. All Manufacturers are certified in accordance with DIN ISO EN 9001-9002 , or have similar QC systems (Veritas, etc.).