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Akshay bday

  1. 1. Meet AKSHAY RAM.. The Chic QM Stud* Magnet* * Claims that all PGP1 girls * Self Proclaimed proclaimedThe push-up Perfect Guy* matrimony* Censored, though material* some PGP1 Girls * Iyengar Only Pleaseexperienced the live show Runner Club’sNorth Indian most regular TAM* member** We don’t what this * Regularly runs on means  each weekend
  2. 2. Akshay’s summers storyInterviewer: Akshay, what is EBITDA?Akshay: What? Oh, you mean beta?Interviewer: confused???? During summers@Amazon Shashank: How is it going dude? Akshay: It is awesome. I canAkash: Akshay, how did SMC actually finish my project ininterview go? 4 days but I will not tell themAkshay: It went awesome. We that!had a nice 15-min chat onpersonals. Still managed a PPO fromAkash: How did the case go? Amazon, we don’t knowAkshay: Oh, that. Once that how…started, he threw me out within5 minutes
  3. 3. The Running StoryI am going to run the Chennai marathonbut only for 10 kmPeople: Huh? Akshay: Lakshmi, take one. I will finish the rest of the box. When the others come, we will say that we finished it together. Let me have one Lakshmi: WTH?@#%$@!$ sweet, I will run extra tomorrowTRUTH: At the start line Ends up taking many and doesn’t even run the next day!
  4. 4. Akshay- The Real Fighter when it comes to Girls !! Prabha: Just make sure that Return on investment is good this time. Already Resume “mentor” , but you have made negative only for PGP1 girls (pataPrabha you know I saved the girl return after the first time nahi sach mein kya kar yesterday like a dinner raha tha)filmy Hero. Girl was impressed. Doesn’t recognize Don’t worry more than one-fourth Prabha; this of his batchmates but time for sure knows all PGP 1 girls ROI would be Prabha : What positive happened Akshay, is everything fine. Hmm.. I guess yes. She has QM tutor for Section B; keeps stopped count of the no of girls who messaging me comes to class each day and also counts how many are coming for the first time
  5. 5. He tried his luck on the profs as well… Akash, you must have lots of good things to say about me. Why don’t you write some of the good qualities I possess. Although I know that that I have infinite number of good qualities .But can you write some good stuff about me for my PVGCO assignment. I will bribe you by giving chocolates Please write very good things about me. I want my dear Ramya to like me and love me as much as I love her
  6. 6. Ultimately, She got trapped by his false charm..
  7. 7. And thus began the show off..In the middle of any conversation about anything, pops Akshay with his comments You see, now that I have a girlfriend..<<blah blah blah>> People, DP is sad that he hasn’t got a girlfriend yet. Let us not disturb him. DP, when are you getting married? Tell ur parents to start searching no..All this takes time okay. See, now I can advise you. In case you need tips, don’t hesitate to ask me.
  8. 8. But Not For Long… Dad: Dear Son, can you come on skype? Super stud Akshay: Yo Dad  what happened? Dad: Were you serious when you said that you are meeting some non-Iyenger girl? Super stud Akshay: he..he..Dad: You should marry a Tam girlAkshay: I will not change my mindDad: You should marry an IyengerAkshay: I will not change my mindDad: I will find super HOT girl for youAkshay: Deal!!! Let’s meet them duringDiwali vacation m/
  9. 9. Ultimately.. Late Night: Going into jungles with someone WoW, Akshay, who is confused about This is Awesome, his orientation Does this help in XXX ?? Final ResultWell, I have some PUSHUP moves, whichmight interest you , Let me show you 
  10. 10. Secret Buddies:- Hard to find the truth behind the scenes Khusur Pusur Ver 2.0 “We talk only about two things and you know what that is”
  11. 11. Which leads to the breakup Years long friendship which could not have broken by any force in world got with Deepu shattered in Coorg by Mallu Massage ParlourVillain felt pity & told someMaratahalli nbrs Villain of his rosy dream End of Story
  12. 12. HAPPYBIRTHDAYAKSHAY!!May you havemany morehooshings yourway!