R. Lakshmikanth - Selected Accomplishments


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Showcasing my career spanning over 6 years being an empirical professional with a proactive approach in delivering profitable and effective marketing solutions across brands as varied as Consumer Electronics, Automotive branded audio, Infotainment, FMCG/CPG, IT & Telecom, Banking and Infrastructure.

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R. Lakshmikanth - Selected Accomplishments

  1. 1. R. Lakshmikanth SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS (2007 – 2013)
  2. 2. Strategic Marketing Special Events, Training Modules, Distributor/Dealer Summits & Exhibitions Experiential Marketing Corporate Road Shows, hands-on product demos, RWA Activities Branding & Communication PR & Advertising Retail Project Management
  4. 4. Hear the Truth – Campaign Launch with AR Rahman
  5. 5. NDTV Gadget Guru Awards
  6. 6. HCL Dealer Meet
  7. 7. TiE Golf Tournament Tie Entrepreneurial Summit
  8. 8. Corporate Roadshow Soul Sante Carnival
  9. 9. Palm Meadows : Premium residential community activation Café Coffee Day Activation
  10. 10. HARMAN _ Auto Expo – New Delhi
  11. 11. HARMAN _ Auto Expo – New Delhi
  12. 12. Annual Dealer Meet - Professional Audio
  13. 13. Annual Dealer Meet - Professional Audio
  14. 14. 10 hour music festival powered by JBL sound JBL branding on-site – all staff wearing JBL t-shirts, presence on all collaterals, tickets, POS etc JBL Tempo giveaways to some members of the audience Email Blast, SMS Blast and Facebook invites and updates – 500 K gross impressions Earth Dance Festival
  15. 15. JBL was the Sound Partner at the Bloomberg Autocar Awards which is an important event in the auto industry. Brand visibility through sponsor tags, emailers, print ads, event collaterals, billboards etc. Bloomberg Auto Car Awards
  16. 16. JBL Youth Engagement Recruited 20 ‘youth ambassadors’ for JBL from the top 10 colleges in Delhi. Their role is to evangelize the brand and generate trials/sales for JBL products amongst their peer network. The second month of the activity was a huge success and created a massive buzz amongst the student community in Delhi.
  17. 17. JBL Youth Engagement
  18. 18. Maruti Suzuki India Limited – Tech Day
  19. 19. Mahindra & Mahindra and Fiat Tech Day BA demos at Mahindra (XUV 500) and Fiat (Linea) fitted with custom tuned Harman systems. These were very well received and in Fiat’s case we demoed a car with the OEM fitted stock system and then the Harman fitted system. Response was overwhelming.
  20. 20. A training workshop for dealers was organized in Delhi and Bangalore. This was followed by a networking dinner. Training certificates and premium branded merchandise were given to the attendees. Around 120 people participated in both these events. Luxury Audio -Training Workshops (Delhi and Bangalore)
  21. 21. Luxury Audio -Training Workshops (Mumbai)
  22. 22. JBL New Campaign Launch - TVC The message given out through the ad is that regardless of the source of music, JBL brings it to life for the listener. The aesthetics have been kept very earthy and organic and the music composed by Rahman complements it beautifully.
  23. 23. TV Campaign - 8000 spots - Running in two bursts TG Primary: 25-44 M Sec A, Secondary : 15-24 M Sec A Burst 1: Oct 26th – Nov 15th. Burst 2: Dec 20th – Dec 31st ‘12. Running on 27 channels Prime time Vs Non Prime time skew – 80:20 Magazine Campaign - 24 Inserts across October, November and December 5 Double Spreads and 19 Full-page Color (FPC) inserts. JBL New Campaign Launch - Media
  24. 24. JBL New Campaign Launch - Print Front Jacket Newspaper Ad Quarter Page Newspaper Ads
  25. 25. 154 screens with PVR, Cinemax and DT Cinemas across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore covering 8 major releases including 2 major releases – Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Skyfall in 4 weeks. • Newspaper Ads Gross Impressions achieved in 15 days – 39.88 Mn 23 Inserts across October and November (before Diwali) in major daily newspapers across Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai. This includes 18 quarter page ads on Pg. 01 and 5 Full-page Supplement Jackets JBL New Campaign Launch – Print & Cinema
  26. 26. JBL New Campaign Launch – PrinPR Coverage – Harman CEO – Mr. Dinesh Paliwal and AR Rahman on CNBC TV 18 t & Cinema
  27. 27. PR Coverage – JBL New Campaign
  28. 28. Each copy of the Stuff Anniversary edition a 4 page JBL leaflet on new product launches Each copy of the What Hi*Fi Anniversary edition carried an 8 page brochure on JBL home, multimedia and personal audio Print Innovations - Stuff and What Hi*Fi Anniversary Editions
  29. 29. Logo presence across all pages Double-spread Ad Product reviews Olympic Edition by JBL – 0.54 mn GI
  30. 30. Pune: Nagar RoadDelhi Metro: Central Dome Mumbai: Juhu Pune: Kalyani Nagar 45.9 million impressions achieved* Delhi, Pune and Mumbai OOH
  31. 31. Harman Kardon Beautiful Sound Commercial ran on India’s premier lifestyle channel NDTV Goodtimes. A total of 383 spots were aired over 4 weeks from June 13th to July 10th. The ad was also run as a pre-roll for selected youtube channels TV Campaign – Harman/ Kardon ‘Beautiful Sound’
  32. 32. Print Advertisements
  33. 33. Digital Marketing - Popular Posts
  34. 34. Product Reviews/Features – 20 stories (print/electronic/digital)  11 full pages in leading tech magazine AV Max devoted to Harman products including presence on cover page  Harman Kardon CL headphones labeled ‘Best Buy’ in Digit magazine’s headphone feature  Zee Business News channel reviewed the JBL Flip on their show Mobiles and Gadgets PR – Coverage Summary
  35. 35. The JBL OBX and AKG K451 were declared the best products in their respective categories in What Hi Fi India’s annual awards edition Product Awards
  36. 36. Marketing Assets - Brochures
  37. 37. Marketing Assets - Brochures
  38. 38. Retail Footprint Expansion - Bangalore Franchisee Store Launch Bangalore’s first exclusive lifestyle showroom was launched @ Phoenix Market City
  39. 39. To promote the store-launch, a targeted marketing campaign was developed that included cinema ad spots, radio ads, an outdoor hoarding, branding at the bowling alley in the mall. There was a discount offered to the first 100 customers who made purchases at the store. The inauguration was attended by key clients, press and Harman India leadership team. Radio: 434 spots ran over 7 days Cinema: 1200 spots ran over a month Hoarding: High visibility area, next to the mall where the store is located. Blu-O Bowling Alley Branding: Invite EDM Franchisee Store Launch – Promotion Campaign
  40. 40. Branding at Ambience mall to create curiosity around the impending launch of the Harman flagship store. Harman Flagship Store – Mall Branding
  41. 41. Retail Footprint Expansion – Shop-In-Shop 1st store-in-store opened at Croma in Mumbai (Malad). The SIS format has demonstrated positive correlation to sales. Croma’s sales has seen a 38% spike within the first two months of opening the first SIS.
  42. 42. Point of Purchase Branding – Reliance & Croma
  43. 43. Retail Footprint Expansion– Endcaps POP Branding - JBL endcaps installed at Reliance Digital and Croma stores across India. Reliance Digital and Croma are the largest consumer electronic chains in India
  44. 44. Shop signages and in-store branding were undertaken for a number of JBL dealers across the country. Dealer Signage's and In-Store Branding
  46. 46. Key Accounts
  47. 47. Key Accounts
  48. 48. MICROSOFT IDC - Hyderabad
  49. 49. MICROSOFT IDC - Hyderabad
  50. 50. MICROSOFT IDC - Hyderabad
  51. 51. COGNIZANT – Annual Day
  52. 52. Indu City Launch with Daksha Seth
  53. 53. Indu City Launch
  54. 54. COGNIZANT – Annual Day
  55. 55. Nobel Lecture – Dr Krishna Mikkilineni, President & MD Honeywell Technology Solutions – Worldwide Honeywell - Nobel Lecture Series
  56. 56. DE SHAW – Annual Day
  57. 57. DE SHAW – Annual Day Bollywood Muscians – Vishal & Shekhar DE SHAW – Annual Day
  58. 58. CEC (China) - Bangalore Metro Commencement Ceremony
  59. 59. CEC (China) - Bangalore Metro Commencement Ceremony
  60. 60. CEC (China) - Bangalore Metro Symposium
  61. 61. Nobel Lecture – Dr Eric A Cornell Honeywell - Nobel Lecture Series
  62. 62. Kingfisher in Inspirits - Mumbai
  63. 63. Kirloskar Electric – IETF NEW DELHI
  64. 64. Kirloskar Electric – IETF NEW DELHI
  66. 66. 12 Cities 15 Towns 35,000+ Participants 27 Finalists 100 Days 60 Cities 100,000 Participants 50 Finalists 15 Day Training Camp 10 Finalists The Million Dollar Arm – Pitching Talent Hunt Season - 1 Season - 2 A Chance to win upto INR 5 Crore!!!
  67. 67. The Million Dollar Arm – Press Coverage
  68. 68. The First Indian Professional Athletes Ever To Sign In The USA Endorsee – Anil Kumble The Million Dollar Arm – Rinku and Dinesh today
  69. 69. TV Channel Partner Life of Pi actor Suraj Sharma has joined the cast of Disney's forthcoming baseball movie Million Dollar Arm, which stars Jon Hamm Movie Partner – Disney Pictures The Million Dollar Arm – Movie Partner & TV Partner
  70. 70. Thank You R. LAKSHMIKANTH