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Omg presentation final


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Omg presentation final

  1. 1. OMG Social Media Conference Tweet: @roimediaworks @OMGmedia #omgconf August 15, 2013 Connecting The Dots
  2. 2. Recipe For Your Online Marketing Success Picture Courtesy of
  3. 3. 4 Pillars of Marketing • Position • Engage • Influence • Convert Awareness Communicate Influence Acquire
  4. 4. Social Customer Your Website PPC / SEM Social Media Display Ads, Emails SEO
  5. 5. Get Your Message Across!
  6. 6. Website • Site Architecture • URL Structure • Lead forms • Responsive Design • Open Graph
  7. 7. SEO • Natural lead generation • Meta Tags • Keywords • Content • Back links
  8. 8. PPC • Defining Keywords • Bidding & Q.S • Google Keyword Tool • Goal Setting & Analytics • Multi Channel Analytics
  9. 9. Social Media • Identifying and targeting responsive community and social groups • Get new fans • Paid ads • Contests • Appealing content
  10. 10. Integrated Approach • Find A Combination
  11. 11. Use Multichannel Conversions
  12. 12. What’s Your Combination?
  13. 13. SMM OR WTV Get Polished
  14. 14. The Challenge Get Polished had a few hurdles to overcome, namely being located within another beauty service provider’s salon. Added to this was a general apprehensive about web design and digital marketing because of previous experiences with a free website service provider.
  15. 15. The Solution • ROI Media Works created a sleek and chic responsive website for Get Polished that seamlessly displayed the salon’s expertise on multiple digital platforms. A key highlight of the smart phone version is the quick access map and phone number buttons that make it easier to make appointments. • Complimentary social media campaigns on Facebook were created to capture more interest for the services and drive conversions.
  16. 16. Results
  17. 17. The Challenge Create a website structure that would allow regular golf information updates and would allow the content to be displayed across a number of different devices. The creation of a custom website form, “Book a Tee Time” that would increase golf tee time bookings. Consideration of the total cost so that a basic update does not require a full design and code team to implement.
  18. 18. The Solution • ROI Media Works created an online presence that oozes style and allows the team at Eagle Point Golf Resort to perform regular updates without extensive external input. The responsive, mobile version of the website pulls across all the essential components of the website and pulls information such as special offers. • Get your golf on, Eagle Point Style: The “Free Golf” campaign invited users to like the EaglePoint Golf Resort Facebook fan page. Individuals who clicked like entered into a draw for one free round of golf.
  19. 19. Results • The website has (up to now engaged) a 10% reach of British Columbians, equating to 40,000 visits weekly. • Our acquisition and engagement “Free Golf” campaign this year drove a 728% increase in Facebook fan base within 3 weeks.
  20. 20. The Challenge Already a successful company, Rapid Cool wanted to partner with ROI Media Works to translate their heating and cooling expertise to the marketplace with a functional and streamlined website. Their focus on a website overhaul their existing website to a dynamic, easy-to-use custom Wordpress. Additionally, as novices to digital marketing, Rapid Cool’s decision makers wanted a clearly defined digital strategy as well as other online outreach endeavours that proved to be an accessible means of publicizing their business.
  21. 21. The Solution • ROI Media Works partnered with Rapid Cool for a custom responsive Wordpress site and a digital marketing strategy that included social media, search engine optimization, and paid-per-click campaigns. • ROI Media Works was able to hone in on consumer behavior with customized bid pricing and timeframes. Analyzing visitor flow analysis enabled ROI Media Works to focus on details like negative keywords and helped display ads to an accurate target market and funnel conversions.
  22. 22. Results
  23. 23. One Show Doesn’t Fit All
  24. 24. OMG Social Media Conference Tweet: @roimediaworks @OMGmedia #omgconf August 15, 2013 Connecting The Dots