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IndoCan Golf links Kamloops impact 2019


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IndoCanLinks Golf is a golf tournament dedicated to fostering multi-cultural relationships, having fun and raising money for worthy causes.

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IndoCan Golf links Kamloops impact 2019

  1. 1. Your Gift in Action INDOCANLINKS IS A TRU AMBASSADOR FOR CUMULATIVE GIVING TOTALLING $270,000 IndoCanLinks Athletic Scholarship Endowment started in 2013 for a scholarship awarded to a student athlete who competes in a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) sport and has achieved Academic All-Canadian standards (minimum 3.50 GPA) in the previous academic year. The student athlete must be eligible to compete in the current fall term and preference will be given to a student athlete who resides in the Kamloops region. Recipients  2018: Kaitlin Lomas, BA, Women’s Volleyball (received $800)  2018: Kendra Finch, BGS, Women’s Volleyball (received $800)  2017: Emily Vilac, BSc, Women’s Basketball (received $800)  2016: Jodi Hutton, BA, Women’s Soccer (received $800)  2014: Jenna Quinton, BScN, Women’s Basketball (received $1,200)
  2. 2. IndoCanLinks School of Business Scholarship Endowment started in 2015 for a scholarship awarded annually to a third our fourth year full-time BBA student. Recipients  2018: Emily Shuman, BBA in Accounting (received $800)  2017: Lucas Treadwell, BBA in Finance (received $800)  2016: Marcus Randt, BBA Administration (received $800) IndoCanLinks Science Award Endowment started in 2015 for an award given annually to a full-time student enrolled in their third-year of studies in TRU’s Faculty of Science on the Kamloops campus. Recipients  2018: Angelina Koller, BSc in Animal Biology (received $800)  2017: Lolah Muller, BSc in Biology (received $800) “I graduated last academic year and joined BC Assessment at their Northern Region. I am working as a Property Information Collector and I am now pursuing my AACI Accreditation, a professional estate appraisal designation. The scholarship allowed me to focus on my education without having to be concerned with bills. It also motivated me and excited me to focus on school work. IndoCanLinks was my first scholarship at TRU and it showed proof that good things will happen when you work hard. I am so grateful for the support that IndoCanLinks provided me.” Marcus Randt, recipient of the IndoCanLinks SoBE Scholarship “This award helped make it possible for me to continue my Bachelor of Science, biology major. I am currently in my fourth year at TRU and I am coming back for one final semester in fall 2019, and set to graduate that following winter. After I graduate, I am planning to apply to do my Masters of Physiotherapy for the fall 2020 intake.” Lolah Muller, recipient of the IndoCanLinks Science Award
  3. 3. IndoCanLinks Award An endowment started in 2016 and an award given annually to a student who has participated in a TRU for-credit international learning experience and was a good ambassador for TRU and the community. The award alternates each year between the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Tourism Management programs. Recipients  2018: Michelle Davies, BTM (received $800) IndoCanLinks International Student Scholarship Endowment started in 2017 for a scholarship awarded annually to an international student from India who is enrolled in their third or fourth year in any bachelor’s program at TRU. The student must have a minimum 3.50 GPA and be enrolled in at least 12 credits. This scholarship will be adjudicated for the first time in fall 2019. IndoCanLinks Nursing Scholarship Endowment started in 2018 for a scholarship awarded annually to a student who is enrolled in their third or fourth year of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at TRU. The student must have a minimum 3.50 GPA and be enrolled in at least 12 credits. This scholarship will be adjudicated for the first time in fall 2020. “When more people are invested, it motivates you to work harder. It's no longer just about me. My success means that I can help others in the future. Thank you for giving back to the students of TRU. Thank you for investing in our future. It means more than you know.” Michelle Davies, recipient of the IndoCanLinks Award
  4. 4. The IndoCanLinks Classroom A $150,000 donation from IndoCanLinks toward the Brown Family House of Learning, opened at TRU in 2011, is recognized on the facility’s third floor, a hub for quiet studying and library access. The IndoCanLinks Classroom (HL304), provides the TRU Math Department with a great space for the Math Help Centre and Math Club. It is a bright room with a beautiful view, close to the mathematics faculty offices, where students can study, work together, and get help with mathematics. Every weekday throughout the terms, the IndoCanLinks Classroom houses the Math Help Centre, where students get free help with their first- and second-year level mathematics and statistics courses. It sees approximately 1,000 student visits per term and the department employs six upper-level and graduate students part-time as tutors. After hours, the Math Club uses the space for seminars and other club functions. For example, the Math Club uses the room to prepare the students participating in the annual Putnam Mathematical Competition and will host the First TRU Mathematical Competition in March 9, 2019. The Math Club also maintains a bulletin board, where challenging weekly problems are posted to stimulate a passion for learning mathematics. In these ways, the IndoCanLinks Classroom is used by hundreds of mathematics students of all levels every year.